Online marketing experts meet together next week for one of the largest Internet Marketing conferences on the planet to hear about current trends and learn new tactics to boost brands online.

Pubcon is one of the best places over the years that I've attended to meet and network with like minded individuals. This year I decided to stalk a few of the people I'm most excited to meet and network with as well as a few individuals that everyone should meet. I've also given interesting information that most people don't know about each person on the list!

I created an infographic with the help of InPwrd to produce who you need to meet. Here is a breakdown of criteria:

inPowered first looks for people that write in-depth articles on the few topics that they have the most knowledge on, rather than people who write basic articles on a lot of topics. Someone who writes in-depth articles focused on a few targeted topics is deemed more knowledgeable than someone who writes a few articles about lots of different topics. These primarily are related to the internet marketing industry as a whole and not other industries. (Some have much larger influence in other verticals)

Then inPowered looks for people who actively and consistently share their knowledge in a given topic. Someone writing several articles per week about a particular topic is deemed more knowledgeable than someone that writes only one story per month on that topic, even if more people read that one story than any single story from the person who writes consistently.

Finally, inPowered looks for people that have a loyal following of people who consistently share their content. For example, if someone consistently has 100 people sharing her content on a particular topic, that person is deemed more knowledgeable than a person who has one article that was shared by 1,000 people.


Jay Baer--Prior to launching Convince and Convert, Jay Baer was involved in politics. He majored in political science and went on to run Senator John McCain's email program, as well build his website, in 2000.

Jennifer Slegg--Despite being a huge Disney fan, and having the opportunity to speak on contextual advertising at Disneyland, Jennifer lists the experience of chatting with Larry Page and Sergey Brin as one of her favorite moments.

Matt Southern--Most of us know that Matt loves social media, but were you also aware that this "unabashed geek" is also a weight lifter and cat lover?

Michael Black--Built one of the largest followings for iOS gamers that reaches 10+ million monthly visitors.

Murray Newlands--Before launching the international social media agency Influence Agency--and working with with some of the of the most influential names in the industry--Murray was a lawyer.

David Klein--Best known as a connector, DK runs a very respected Think Tank as well as a yearly poker tournament that you should attend.

Ann Smarty--Besides being a well-known blogger and SEO consultant, Ann studied at Kharkov University in the Ukraine and can speak Russian.

Bill Hartzer--There was a time that this successful internet marketing expert was a television writer and technical writer for software companies in Florida and Texas.

Krista Neher--While asVP Marketing for, Krista and Phototrade were one of the first businesses to use Twitter as a marketing tool.

Loren Baker--This founder of SEJ and Foundation Digital can speak Portuguese and Japanese.

Sujan Patel--Sujan began his entrepreneurial career by burning compact discs for his high school classmates.

Chris Brogan--This best-selling author's favorite charities are, Invisible People and Kid Gigawatt.

Marcela De Vivo--Attended at Pomona College from 1998-2002.

Kelsey Jones--Taught herself to write HTML when she was only 11!

Lisa Buyer--Lisa was one the board of directors for the American Lung Association of South Florida from 1997-2005

Mike Ramsey--Was the recipient of the Newel K. Whitney Award while attending Brigham Young University Idaho.

Alan Bleiweiss--This internet marketing pioneer has been in business since January 1995 and has worked with Disney Interactive, NBC/Universal and Mashable. He also runs a pretty epic dinner!

Alex Houg--Sold his first business at the age of 15!

Bill Slawski--Bill actually reads patents for fun.

Debbie Miller--The founder of Social Hospitality can now handle running six half marathons.

Dixon Jones--This internet marketer used to write and run Murder Mystery Games for corporations.

Eric Enge--Did you know that the founder of Stone Temple Consulting is a 2X World Foosball Champion (1984 or 1985, couldn't confirm which one!)

Marcus Tober--The Searchmetrics founder studied computer science Berlin and developed the SEO platform

Mark Traphagen--Was a language arts, history and computer teacher at The Covenant School from 1995-2005.

Marty Weintraub--Before founding aimCLEAR, Marty was employed at Polygram Records as A&R, Staff Writer, Recording Engineer, Producer from 1990-1992.

Melissa Fach--When she's not running SEO Aware, Melissa is volunteering at the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary in Sarasota, FL.

Kris Jones--Kris's affiliate network, Pepperjam, was an offshoot of a gourmet food company called Grandma Jones' Originals, Inc. that he and his brother Rick founded in 1999.

Cynthia Johnson--Don't miss with this social media girl! She's certified in stunt choreography for hand to hand combat, rapier and dagger, broadsword and knife fights.