Part music streaming service and part social network, Zyer is a new mobile app that's looking to put a unique spin on how people interact with music. While some musicians have been able to build a successful following through platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the truth is that music is not the primary focus of these networks. Billed as "Instagram for music fans and musicians," Zyer aims to address that with a host of interesting features for both musicians and music lovers. The social network's mission is twofold: it not only wants to make it easier for people to share and discover music, but also to allow musicians to connect with fans specifically about their music while promoting their brands.

Many people express themselves through music, and Zyer's creators are banking on this being a driving force behind its success. Users will be able to post songs they enjoy to their wall, which will net them likes and followers. People won't be limited to just their Zyer contacts either, as anything posted to the network can also be shared on other social networks like the aforementioned Facebook and Twitter.

This project is the brainchild of Anthony Cimiglia, a 23 year-old tech entrepreneur who also runs an app development firm called Cimapps. After graduating with a BBA in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations from Baruch College, Anthony has been hard at work on Zyer. He spent his high school and college days working as a server at an Italian restaurant; the savings from that hard work served as Zyer's startup capital. I sat down with Anthony to talk about Zyer.


What inspired you to develop Zyer?

AC: Scrolling through Instagram and noticing many people post screenshots of the song they are listening to. I wanted to create a network where music lovers can share full length songs for other people to discover.

How would you define Zyer's ultimate vision in one sentence?

AC: The ultimate vision is to help evolve the music industry into the future and out of the past.

What is the one greatest need that Zyer fills?

AC: Zyer allows people to discover music from the people that they want to discover music from.

Did you learn anything that surprised you while you were learning the industry and building the app?

AC: It was very interesting to learn how difficult it is for musicians to grow their brand and all the different elements that go in to becoming a successful artist.

What's the most significant trend you see happening in the music industry?

AC: Streaming music is here to stay.

What obstacles did you face building the company and how did you overcome them?

AC: The biggest obstacle is building an app without knowing how to program. I was very fortunate to have connected with our lead programmer Antonio. He was able to build a beta version within my personal budget to validate the concept. Now we have begun raising money and have an amazing team of programmers led by Antonio, who have done a great job with the live version of Zyer.

Where do you see Zyer being in the next year and in the next 5 years?

AC: In the next year I see Zyer as the go to social network for sharing and discovering music. In 5 years Zyer will be the Facebook of music, where anything that you can think of related to music, you will be able to find and accomplish within Zyer.

What's the best piece of advice you could give other entrepreneurs who want to launch an app?

AC: Do not give up and never let anybody tell you that you cannot accomplish your dreams. Your dreams are meant to become your reality, it's up to you to make the transition.