As a leader in the payment services industry, I would tell you that my company Due, is one of the best platforms for an e-commerce business. However, in working within this industry, I've seen other payment services companies that offer a set of features that are beneficial for an e-commerce startup or established business to consider.

Here are a few of the best payment services for e-commerce companies that I've found over years in the payments industry.

Payline Data

Payline Data is becoming one of the most popular choices for e-commerce payment services. For e-commerce, it has virtual terminals, an online payment gateway, shopping cart functionality, and mobile processing.

The company uses interchange-plus pricing, a low monthly fee for a "simple" or "pro" plan. They include a flat markup above interchange for transactions processed through these services.

Payline has won many fans with its reliable and professional customer service and sales teams. Numerous review sites and the Better Business Bureau give Payline top marks.


Stripe has made a name for itself helping online businesses. This includes a world of e-commerce businesses since the company will allow you to accept payments from all over the globe.

One of the best things about this payment service is no monthly fees or setup costs. All that is charged is transaction fees. The company handles all aspects of the payment process from your customers, including sending the payments directly to your bank.

The only caveat with this payment service company is that you will need some web development skills to set it up and may need to get the help of a developer to implement it.


Fattmerchant provides merchant accounts for e-commerce firms, using a flat-rate. The business is in a subscription-style pricing model. It offers a virtual terminal, an online payment gateway, an online shopping cart, and mobile phone processing. Other great features include QuickBooks integration, online invoicing, and recurring billing. does not route your customers to any other site to complete the payment process. Instead, they stay on your site throughout the process, which puts the customer more at ease.

This payment service also allows you to accept Apple Pay and PayPal in addition to all major credit and debit cards. To add to the comfort level, has a suite of advanced fraud detection tools.

It also integrates with QuickBooks and delivers a responsive online support team for your e-commerce business. The only downside is that they charge a set-up and monthly fee plus the transaction fee.


2Checkout is a long-established, reliable payment service for e-commerce businesses. It is available to merchants in more than 210 countries, offers 87 currencies, and supports 15 languages.

It has competitively priced transaction fees and two checkout choices that include standard off-site processing and inline on-site processing.

2Checkout goes above and beyond with its security measures, giving you over 300 fraud protection rules. It integrates easily with your website and allows you to accept credit and debit cards as well as PayPal for your e-commerce business.

Host Merchant Services

Host Merchant Services focuses on merchant account solutions for e-commerce businesses. It delivers web hosting, online marketing tools, an online payment gateway and virtual terminal, and online shopping cart integration.

Additionally, you have the option to include a gift and loyalty program and mobile payments. The company is praised for its customer service, affordable and transparent pricing model, and fair terms -- like no early termination fees.

Host Merchant Services has been given an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is spoken of positively on numerous public forums about payment service companies.

Dharma Merchant Services

Dharma Merchant Services is a merchant account provider for e-commerce and retail businesses. Beyond its service offering, the company operates around a framework of social consciousness and community outreach. As such, it donates part of its profits each year to various non-profit organizations.

For payment services, it features an online payment gateway and a virtual terminal through its partnership with Authorize.Net. Dharma Merchant Services also includes QuickBooks integration, automated recurring billing, and custom fundraising pages.

It has been positively reviewed by many e-commerce companies based on its competitive rates, transparent pricing and agreements, and excellent customer service.


SalesVu is an excellent choice for an e-commerce company that also may be supporting a physical storefront or that needs an all-in-one cloud-based management platform.

Besides its full POS system, including mobile device capability and mobile payment processing, it has a full e-commerce solution. This includes online shopping integration, online payment processing, and digital invoicing.

Other features relate to employee management, payroll, and labor tracking and business management needs. This is a comprehensive solution that provides so many ways to help a small business oversee all their operations.

This service is especially ideal for restaurants, gyms, professional services, and retail businesses.

See What Works For Your E-Commerce Business

You can't just take my word for which is the best e-commerce payment service. That's because, just like me, you have to find the one that fits your business type, growth stage, operational needs, and budget.

Take the time to explore each payment services business -- read the available reviews -- and get input from similar businesses. You can also take the e-commerce platform for a test run.

Many of these payment services offer trial periods so you can see how they work and if they will work for you. It's worth doing your due diligence first before you fully integrate any payment service in your e-commerce business.

After all, you want to find the payment services company that will provide you with the best experience for you as a business owner, and the best payment services help and smooth transactions for your customers. You want a company that will deliver the maximum value in security, care, efficiency, and cost as a return for your investment.