I recently visited Poland for work. While I was there I had the opportunity to get to know several of the most popular startups from around the country.

Something interesting about Poland vs any other place I've visited in the past is their "small spoon slowly" attitude to the startup and business world. When I talk with most founders in Poland, they seem to want to grow their companies a bit slower than I'm used to in Silicon Valley. They like to grow it at a sustainable rate. It's more a cultural mentality. With that being said, there are several companies that have grown exponentially over the past couple years.

As the polish tech scene has just had it's most recent $1 Billion valuation of gaming developer, CD Projekt Red, the company that brought you 'The Witcher', we are wondering what next is going to come out of the Poland, a country recently ranked 3rd for world developers, but yet to deliver a tech Unicorn.

Here are 10 Polish founded companies we can expect to hear much more in the coming years and potentially see some of them on the unicorn list.


A veteran in the email marketing industry, GetResponse recently rolled out a powerful suite of marketing automation tools. The upgraded platform allows entrepreneurs, brand managers and marketers to easily and affordably set up work flows for expanding audiences, nurturing leads, retaining customers and following up with shopping cart abandoners. With these solutions, GetResponse has effectively positioned its product as an all-in-one online marketing platform.

Today, the company has a user base exceeding 300,000 people worldwide, earning GetResponse a place amongst the top startups in Poland as a leading marketing tool for SMBs.


Launched in Wroclaw in 2012. Brand24 is an internet monitoring platform. Moving into the Global marketing in 2014, they are providing their services for the likes of Michelle Obama's Better Make Room, Remington, Sky TV and over 1000+ more customers. Brand24 focus on making Internet Monitoring available to startups and SMEs for both monitoring and lead generation.


A fast-growing startup hailing from Poland, ClickMeeting offers a platform for online meetings and webinars. The company has a variety of customized solutions for SMB's and enterprise clients. The platform allows for live streaming of audio and video, meetings with up to 25 people and presentations up to 1000 people, and an integration with Google Translate which allows translations into 52 languages.

Today ClickMeeting is considered a leading webinar platform for businesses big and small, and the company has amassed a wide client base around the world.


Docplanner makes healthcare more accessible by providing patients with a free comprehensive listing and booking service to healthcare professionals. At the same time, Docplanner provides doctors with an intuitive cloud-based agenda tool for their practice management.

With 17 mln patients visiting its websites monthly and paying clients in 20 markets, Docplanner is the largest global player in the space.


LiveChat is a real-time, live-chat software tool for ecommerce sales and support that is helping ecommerce companies create new sales channels. Founded in 2002, the company is now it's one of the biggest live chat providers worldwide: serving more than 16k businesses in over 140 countries and including large brands like Adobe, Asus and RyanAir


Launched in 2009 in Krakow, Poland. Brainly is the worlds largest social learning network with 60 Million users world wide. The Quora of Homework is now present in over 35 countries.


Growbots is an AI based Outbound Sales Automation platform designed for fast-growing companies and startups offering B2B solutions. They launched in 2015, grew from $0 to $2M ARR in less than 12 months (20% MoM growth) and have over 300 customers in 38 countries. Investors include 500 Startups and Gil Penchina.


Positionly was launched in 2012 in Warsaw, Poland. Their SEO endeavors began by creating a sophisticated software that makes data collection a simple task rather than an unwanted burden when comes to making marketing decisions. The future of SEO management has been utilized by over 60k users from all over the world.


UXPin is an online platform which helps teams design better web and mobile apps. It supports design workflow and allows you to quickly validate ideas by making wireframes and prototypes.

Since 2010 UXPin has become a part of design process in over 6000 companies worldwide. VC-backed i.a. by True Ventures. Andreessen Horowitz, Freestyle Capital, Innovation Nest.


The iBeacon world is hot right now and Estimote. They are real-world context for mobile experiences, powered by beacons. They are creating an operating system for the physical world. They are building it's foundations. Beacons are located in public areas and display personalized content based on your behaviors.

Here is to the next unicorn in Poland!