Now that Uber's founder Travis Kalanick resigned as its CEO, it's time to fill those shoes with a dynamic business visionary that could take the company to the next level. I join others who feel the ideal candidate for this post is Marissa Mayer. She would give honor to that role. And Uber really needs some honor at present.

Here is why Uber needs Marissa Mayer and she'd be a perfect fit for the CEO.

Culture Re-Vamp

The misogynistic culture that emerged from Uber is not going to fly in today's business environment. Today's technology companies and entrepreneurial environment is about diversity.

There's no place in "our culture" for the former "Uber culture." They were exhibiting pieces of a society we no longer want, and as the masses in business, we will know longer tolerate it.

Bringing in a brilliant, accomplished and savvy CEO who is capable of sending an immediate message that the company wants to change that culture has to happen. I feel that only a female CEO can really handle the changes that currently have to happen at Uber and Would-be Uber cultures.

However, simply installing a female executive at the helm is not going to suddenly re-vamp the culture. It will take time to make the necessary changes in behavior, but Mayer can certainly present a strong example of leadership.

She will especially exhibit female leadership capabilities at their best. We are all hoping this change will begin to transform the damage that the company has let seep in -- and it will need to be changed from the inside out.

Mayer is also a diversity expert who can bring in more distinguished talent from her vast network of businesses. She has resources from working and interaction with a wider range of companies than most.

Marissa Mayer has gathered in talented female tech workers into her circle of influence from around the world. Most of these (men and women) would jump at the chance to work for her.

Mayer has built a following that she can use as an opportunity to help transform and diversify an admired brand. She can bring it back to its (not too long ago) glory days. And, yes, she'll be able to open up more job opportunities for women.

The addition of women and further ethnic diversification at this company cannot help but inject real change in Uber's culture. The greatest changes are the excitement, energy and trust that Mayer would bring to Uber.

Extensive Industry Track Record

Mayer has led companies like Google and Yahoo. While some may argue that her track record doesn't always show as much success due to the data breaches and performance failures at Yahoo, it should not impact her future ability to serve as a capable leader.

She has had both success and failure. We've all seen that failures often provide some very good lessons and expertise about how to tackle future leadership and company turnaround challenges.

Mayer's impact on Google was extremely positive. She can use that same leadership style at Uber to transform this organization and move it in a different -- and finally positive direction.

Call it Her Comeback

After any failure or even a feeling of failure, a leader is always looking for a way to catapult back into success mode. This is a perfect opportunity for Mayer to work hard and smart for an organization. She'd be able to prove to herself and to any naysayers that she has the talent, can handle it and has the ability to take this challenge -- and more.

In the process, Uber would benefit from her determination not to let anything, let alone a previous failure, stand in her way.

Mayer is at the prime of her career with many good years ahead to transform Uber to the vision we all thought it was in the first place. I suspect her talents will affect, and be felt in other companies in the future, as well.

Mayer has a forward thinking aggressive style that she can put to work in an environment that needs significant change if it is to retain its value. It would be a new beginning for both Mayer and Uber. They could grow and change together.

Mayer has always proven she is not afraid to take on a challenge when others would not touch it -- like Yahoo.

The point is; she gives her best -- gives her all -- to any project she takes on and she would also apply this with the Uber challenge if given the chance.

Known in the Industry

Whether you like her or not, Mayer is a known brand herself. This fact alone would help Uber get more coverage as the media and analysts would want to watch her progress closely.

Uber could leverage the PR attention that her industry status would bring. Garnering the media's attention from the recent PR crises would be huge. Sexual harassment at the company -- and rape? Those issues will die a quick death under Mayer. She knows how to control negative media.

That behavior just wouldn't be tolerated from her. Then the media will move on to a debate over her capabilities and strategic moves she'll take with the company. Hey, great free media from Uber for the long haul.

Change in Direction

What Mayer represents is a light at the end of a dark tunnel for Uber. A completely new direction for Uber is the only kind of change that will be accepted by the public. It's completely without precedent if this company is to survive. A necessity for a company that grew and was highly valued very quickly.

Uber has been at a crossroads for some time with no clear idea of what it would do in the future to sustain its growth. Uber gave no clear direction about how it would respond to any evolutions in their industry.

Mayer will bring a different perspective to the company. She can offer the further disruptive actions that Uber needs to continue its success. I also feel she would bring them to profitability 10x faster than any CEO out there could.

Whether Mayer can actually deliver this change is unknown. However, at this stage, out of all others I'd bet on her. Available for this job, highly functional at an executive level for which she is known -- Mayer seems the most highly qualified to give it a go.