Video Transcript

00:11 John Warrillow: For a lot of entrepreneurs, the way to be the most financially successful is actually to have many exits. As an entrepreneur, my guess is, especially in Inc. 500 or Inc. 5,000 honoree, you've got growth, you're excited to grow something, you are innovative, you are thought leader, you are dynamic and you probably add the most value to your company in the first five years, when you're growing and there's a huge premium to be placed on ideas. However, when that business becomes more successful and you might mature, there are probably a lot better people to take that business to the next level. And if you think about how you can create the maximum amount of wealth, it's probably having two or three exits in a career as opposed to adding a ton of value in the first five years and then, just kind of operating for the next 25. I think the maximum sort of, if your goal is financial gain, is gonna be having multiple exits over a period of time.