Twitter seems to be making a series of user-friendly moves to reignite the stagnant growth on the platform and keep pace with other competitors like Instagram and Snapchat, both of whom have powerful storytelling features.

After finally enabling longer tweets earlier last month, Twitter's latest move was to roll out Moments to all users. Previously only selected users and influencers were able to use the feature.

Moments make it easy for users to create a slideshow of curated tweets that marketers can use to tell a story about their brand in a colorful and attractive way.

Twitter makes it easy to curate content and string together tweets for Moments. Users can share a wide variety of content you can display in a Moment from videos, GIFs, links, photos, and infographics, to help tell their stories.

Tweets can be pulled from any account, hashtag, or keyword search and easily added to create a Moment.

To learn how to get started telling your brand's story by watch this short video from Twitter.

While Twitter is a little late to the game with storytelling, I can tell you that this feature has a lot of potential for brands.

Here are six tips for using Moments for storytelling and branding.

1) Recycle your best tweets.

It's no secret that the Twitter news feed moves fast. Sometimes even good tweets can get lost in the giant sea of content on Twitter.

This can leave marketers frustrated that the tweet they spent so much time to put together didn't have the impact they wanted.

Now, with Moments, you can recycle those tweets and display them in a presentation that can be re-shared multiple times, giving some of your older tweets new life and the views they deserved on the first go around!

2) Showcase a brand related hashtag to leverage social proof.

Has your company ever encouraged your followers to use a hashtag that is relevant to your brand? Now you can capture those tweets and let your fans tell a story about your product or service.

Do you realize how powerful of a voice this could be?

3) Pin them to the top of your profile.

Every account on Twitter has the ability to pin a tweet to the top of their profile. Most use the pinned tweet to showcase their top piece of content.

Selecting a Moment as your pinned tweet puts it in the prime time viewing spot for visitors to your profile.

4) Hype your event.

When companies go to or host an event these days they usually tweet about it before, during, and after.

Use Moments to capture these tweets, put them in chronological order, and display them in a fashion that tells the story behind the event from your brand's perspective.

5) Promote a new launch.

When a company launches a new product or service, they almost always create digital content to go with it. Moments can be used to showcase your company's top digital content surrounding the launch all in one highly interactive presentation.

6) Share them in blogs and on your website.

Moments can be embedded into blog posts and your website, where they can easily be viewed and interacted with from with.

Here is how a moment looks when embedded into a blog and a few tips on how to make the look great.?