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Writing blogs on LinkedIn has opened many doors for me in my career. In fact, it was after a viral post on LinkedIn that I launched my startup.

Writing on LinkedIn is a solid inbound marketing strategy that anyone creating long form posts should consider. It has provided me with an abundance of leads and helped me develop an audience within my niche.

If you're a regular on LinkedIn, you are familiar with LinkedIn's blogging platform, Pulse.

Pulse is LinkedIn's online magazine, which is divided into 85 channels of popular topics like "Big Data, "Leaders and Management," "Best Advice," or my personal favorite "Marketing and Advertising" with over 15 million subscribers.

Many of the channels have millions of followers and if your blog post is chosen by LinkedIn's editors to be featured in one or more channels on Pulse, it greatly increases the distribution of your post well beyond your immediate followers.

I've been fortunate enough to crack the code and get featured by LinkedIn's editors 125 times, which has enabled me to get millions of views on my posts and grow a following of over 42,000 readers on the site.

Recently, I had an exchange over email with one of LinkedIn's editors. In the email, I was provided with some amazing insights into exactly the type of posts they are looking to feature on Pulse.

Here's what LinkedIn editors are looking for

LinkedIn editors want you to provide unique insights into your industry. Write about the news in your industry and other timely topics.

The audience should know why you are writing about this and why it's relevant to them right now. Bring your unique expertise to the post that others cannot provide.

Don't just repeat what others are saying! Give an opinion and provide concise arguments that are supported by industry studies conducted by experts and other strong evidence to support your stance.

Not sure what to write about or what stories are trending in your industry? Check out the Trending Storylines feature for the day's top posts on Pulse.

You can pitch your post to be featured by tweeting at the LinkedIn Editors twitter handle @LinkedInEditors. In your tweet, make sure to give a reason why the post should be featured, including the link to the article, and any trending hashtags.

Make sure to check out these references for more great tips

LinkedIn's executive editor, Daniel Roth, provides a free half-hour LinkedIn Learning course that I highly recommend everybody writing on LinkedIn check out: Writing to Be Heard on LinkedIn.

Become a LinkedIn Top Voice

If your blogs get featured enough times by LinkedIn's editors and you get a lot of nominations from your readers, you could be chosen as a LinkedIn Top Voice and recognized as a top 10 blogger within your industry.

To learn more about becoming a LinkedIn Top Voice, check out Daniel Roth's post: LinkedIn Top Voices 2016: Here are the writers you need to know -- and start following -- now.

To nominate your favorite LinkedIn Blogger for Top Voice, go to this post.

For students:

Check out the Student Publishing site for more best practices. You can also watch LinkedIn Senior News Editor Maya Pope-Chappell's 30-min course for great tips on how to select topics that get shared, how to craft clickable headlines, and how to reach a broader audience.

Ready to get started publishing articles on LinkedIn? Click this link to access the publishing tool.