Having a successful lifestyle is something everyone wishes to achieve. Yet it seems only a spare few are able to attain that dream.

Is there a secret you are missing? For many entrepreneurs, there is that nagging feeling in the back of their minds of dreams not yet realized. They end up living a less-than-desired lifestyle, feeling shortchanged and desperately trying to find the answers, which are sometimes right in front of their face.

That's according to "Million Dollar Dad" entrepreneur Maxwell Billieon, CEO of TheBillieonGroup.com and consulting co-star of WE TV's Million Dollar Matchmaker.

Billieon has formulated a blueprint to attain success through what he calls the "3 Ps": personal, professional and political alignment. Billieon's life is the ultimate success story, escaping the hard streets of Compton, California, to become a venture capital and crypto-currency expert. Here's how he says anyone can attain happiness along the way.

#1: Personal

The first goal of being successful is not only to have money, but to also have happiness. One doesn't equate to the other, and many people get stuck trying to understand this. Personal success is how to live a fulfilled life and be happy.

Billieon says: "Our personal lives come first and that means equipping your life with the ability to weather the storms of your professional world."

In order to deal with the pressures that will eventually come with success, you must first grow as an individual. This means learning how to make sacrifices and ridding your personal life of infidelity, addiction, poor self esteem and obesity. "These are distractions that keep you from attaining happiness," Billieon says.

Your business will be an extension of who you are and if your personal life is in shambles, your business will suffer for it as well. Learn how to balance the work/life problems all while understanding the areas where you need to grow.

Tip: Sit down and list your 5 core principles in order of importance (health, spirituality, finance, sex, relationships). These are your personal identifying ideals. Keep them in a row at all times and you'll attain the balance needed to take you forward into professional success.

#2: Professional

First and foremost, you cannot enjoy your home life if you hate what you do for a living. You spend more time at work than you do at home. If your work life is unfulfilling, then it will bleed over into your home life as well. If you hate the place you're spending 8 to 10 hours a day, then chances are you're going to carry those emotions when you get home too. Billieon says, "Workplace issues are a leading cause to personal discontent."

Professional success is achieved by balancing it with your personal beliefs. Your happiness is an extension of both worlds. Both professional and personal success will feed off of each other throughout your day. Marrying a strong belief system will provide the building blocks you can stand on as your foundation in both worlds.

Tips: Write down your professional ideals standards and make sure they align with your personal ideals. Never take a job or do business with people or businesses that violate your identity ideals. Work for yourself as much as possible. Even if you have another job working for someone else, do something for yourself during the week. This will give you a sense of self sufficiency where you are in total control and no one else can act to make you compromise your ideals.

#3: Political

The world of politics can barge into our personal and professional lives even though you may or may not have invited it to do so.

At any certain time in your day you will be subjected to something political whether on social media, the radio, or a billboard in passing. Even at your job your bosses, supervisors and co-workers are working by the legislation and laws governing behavior and professional ethics in the workplace; at least they are supposed to be. Politics has become part of our mainstream culture and lives at the core of our professional and personal lives.

If you don't believe this, understand that at any time the decisions by the leader of our country could directly affect your job and family on a personal level. You could go to work tomorrow and learn about a political decision which had been made to affect your 401k or other assets you have been working towards that will change your entire life's outcome.

Understanding this, you can see how politics can affect your mind, mood and money. While a lot of people don't like getting involved in politics, it's important to understand the issues and exercise your voice.

Billieon explains how doing so will root you in your local and national community, which is key to your success. "You have political power and when you activate your voice you can directly affect the policies which shape your personal and professional success," Maxwell says. 

Tips: Find a local organization that supports your ideals and get involved. You might volunteer, donate money or even join the board. Whatever your level of involvement, be a part of making a better world and you'll feel complete.