Yesterday, LinkedIn began rolling out its new video feature via its mobile app, allowing users to finally be able to record and upload up to 10 minutes of native video. Like other platforms, videos on LinkedIn can be shot both vertically and horizontally.

While only a small number of users received the update, like most other LinkedIn enhancements, the new feature will become available to all users in the coming weeks.

LinkedIn is the last of the major social-media networks to have a video feature. However, the announcement has created quite a stir amongst marketers, and they are already discussing ways to maximize this new feature for their brand.

Here are the two things that excite marketers most about this new feature.

1. Finally, a Platform to Reach B2B with Video

Top brands and business personalities are excited to have a platform with video content that is better suited to reach a B2B audience than Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram are.

Marketers are excited about being able to showcase a product launch, have their company's thought leaders tell stories, and broadcast their events over video.

B2B sales reps are excited to be able to record a video announcing special promotions or innovative features that their company may be rolling out.

2. Data-Driven Analytics

Content creators will access to rich data like the number of views, shares, likes, and comments. They will also have access to data about the viewers of their videos, such as where they work, their job title, and the top markets where the video was viewed.

LinkedIn has rich data that is not available on other platforms. Marketers are excited to not only test the reach of this new feature but to gain valuable insights on their brand's audience.

Final Thought

Video content and storytelling are all the rage in the marketing world these days. LinkedIn is coming in with a better-late-than-never strategy. However, considering the size of the potential and target demographic of the audience, video on LinkedIn will provide brands a new way to build credibility in the marketplace and tell their unique story.

What do you think, will you be giving LinkedIn's new video feature a shot?