Is it me, or is the customer experience on commercial airline flights getting worse? The cramped environment with noisy and irritated other passengers makes for a long day. Combining that with often-dodgy customer service, late flights, and rising ticket costs makes for an experience comparable to or worse than going to the dentist.

I've thought for years that the commercial airline industry was ripe for disruption. But with new technology such as Hyperloop (a proposed mode of passenger or freight transportation, released by a joint team from Tesla and SpaceX) still years away, many people are looking for solutions with our current technology.

Makers like Cirrus Aircraft are building planes such as the Vision SF50 that substantially reduce the cost of buying a jet. Its lower price tag is making many businesses and individuals take a second look at traveling via private planes.

Private jet accommodations are a polar opposite of a commercial airline's economy seats. Elegant equipment combines with stellar services to create a luxury experience at a price tag that is becoming increasingly affordable.

So, instead of becoming human sardines jam-packed into a large commercial plane, more travelers than ever are considering using a private jet service. 

Here's what customers are saying they like the most about the private jet experience.

Membership Programs

To provide the aforementioned holistic experiences, a cost-efficient option some private jet travel companies are adopting is a membership program that gives companies flexibility when booking aircraft and additional luxury services; clients also receive lower rates thanks to wholesale pricing. 

One such company is NetJets. The Jet Card program is ideal for those who want the benefits of private jet services but don't fly quite as often as the traditional heavy-traveling private jet customer. 

This allows the company to provide a full experience complete with luxuries and reliable trip management for those who may not have been in the market in the past. 

Private jet companies no longer have to make a profit from house fees, markups, and other hidden or inconsistent fees; such a traditional system generates higher prices while decreasing customer satisfaction, evidence of its inefficiency. 

Some private jet companies directly conduct business with aircraft owners and operators, selling and managing charters through thousands of approved aircraft without unclear pricing to their clients.

Holistic Experiences

With a growing number of luxury services encompassing all aspects of travel, companies are opting to focus on providing an experience beyond mere transportation.

For example, New York City-based startup Encore Jets, a private jet company, offers an advanced private jet experience with personalized, one-of-a-kind member benefits, a three-week round-the-world trip on a private jet, and countless other amenities. 

This means a wider variety of activities and less hassle in trip planning for the consumer, all at affordable prices thanks to wholesale pricing from its membership program.

Advanced Technology

As technology further dominates each industry, it is only natural that the travel industry follows suit. 

Whether it be the internet or other communication advances, technology has made travel significantly easier, bringing efficiency and automation to both travel companies and the travelers who use them. Travelers have wider access to relevant and organized information, and with advanced technology they can customize and sort the information according to their interests. 

One of the biggest impacts technology has made on private jet travel companies is with mobile apps. Users are now able to quickly charter a private jet, while companies can easily keep track of each. 

Most important, with a comprehensive database, both companies can snag cheaper rates, thus providing services at a lower price. 

Companies can quickly track and analyze a larger volume of jets to find the lowest price, usually empty-leg private jet deals; an empty leg is an empty plane on its return flight after finishing a booked trip. These can be bought at almost no cost, which is how many companies can focus on forming partnerships to expand their services. 

However, this does not mean clients are left to deal with the technology alone. 

For many first-time users, the process of booking a flight and the trip management required are daunting tasks. Companies still provide human services to facilitate the bookings, providing a pleasant experience not only with the trip service but organizing the trip itself.

As private jet travel continues to grow in light of the increasing frustrations of commercial flying, clients exercise control over their trips while private jet companies supplement the flights with stellar trip-management services and luxuries. 

Traveling is supposed to be fun and enjoyable! So, the next time you fly, instead of cramming into a tightly packed commercial flight, consider the luxurious experience of a private jet service and enjoy the relaxation you came for.