Sometimes working in an office in the same place every day becomes drab and dull. For remote workers, the home office can become quite lonely at times.

You could be suffering due to a repetitive and non-stimulating work environment. Consider working from a coffee shop to change things up and give yourself a productivity boost.

A new and stimulating environment might be just what you need to make that final push on a project or get through the mid-week work blues. I love working from coffee shops, and I'm not alone.

Here are the reasons why I feel like coffee shops give me a jolt in productivity:

1. The inviting aroma of fresh-brewed coffee in the air greets upon arrival and immediately sets the mood. I love the buzz from the all the activity around me.

One would think the high levels of activity would be distracting, but for some reason, it is not. The opposite is true; all the action seems to make me focus more intently on my work.

In fact, scientific research tells us that productivity can oftentimes be infectious. In other words, if you are surrounded by a buzzing environment with others that are being productive it can rub off on you in a big way.

2. The stimulation from the caffeine in my coffee beverage of choice gives me energy. The pleasant taste of the premium coffee served satisfies all my cravings. It sure beats that foul tasting coffee they serve at the office, right?

3. Coffee shops are usually playing hip music. The tunes keep me going and provide rhythm to my work. For some reason, if the coffee shop is off their game and not playing good music that day, I always have my headphones with me as a backup.

4. The human interaction with friends new and old. Coffee shops can be a great networking opportunity for both business and social purposes. Chances are you meet some new and interesting people.

5. At the very least, you can always expect to get great friendly service and a nice conversation with those working behind the counter. Coffee shop employees are almost always eclectic people that are helpful and interesting.

Are you the boss? Coffee shops are great for team collaboration. Move the team meeting to a hip coffee spot every once in a while and your team will love you for it.

Not only will it be a morale boosting team building outing, but you might be surprised how much work gets done when your team feels refreshed by a new environment outside the office.

Typically, coffee shops line their walls with the works of local artists. The artwork is visually stimulating. If I need a quick break from "my world" the beautiful artwork surrounding me can take somewhere entirely new.

While a coffee shop cannot replace your office and working there too often can get pricey, it is a great escape that can boost your productivity when the office walls start to close in around you.