As an entrepreneur, you continually learn and grow, but your increase of knowledge must never stop. If you understand what I'm saying, then you have successfully grasped the concept of being a cup -- a cup that retains information and knowledge and learns from the successes and failures of others. 

It's important to stay on top of your game and be the expert in your industry. 

One of the more popular ways to soak up information is by attending conferences and events held around the country and online. 

Not only are these events perfect for building your knowledge, but they are also a great way to establish new relationships with like-minded individuals, which can further your own business in the future. 

While it's impossible to go to them all, here are 10 value-packed events entrepreneurs should consider attending in 2018. 

1. Unconventional Life Event

An Unconventional Life Event is one of the most talked about and exciting events you will attend this year. This event is unique, because it helps you overcome one of your most significant obstacles in business: you. What you might not know about yourself could scare you to death. 

When you realize the areas you need to work on to create success, you begin to understand that it's not all about marketing strategies and growing follower counts; it's also about your inner self and how it can make or break your business.

You will learn from experts who have been there and done that and walked away successful. Love a great failure story? There are those, too, showing how you can learn from the failures of others and what you can do to never make those same mistakes. The Unconventional Life Events span the globe, and you're sure to find the perfect one for you. 

2.  Archangel Summit

The Archangel Summit is an annual gathering of mission-driven entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals who want to do well by doing good.

The Archangel Summit is for those entrepreneurs who have learned about a more profound calling in their life, how to dream big and make it happen, and why sitting on the sidelines doing nothing about it can hinder you more than you think.

This is an uplifting and encouraging event for business-minded people who need that extra push to step out and advance to the next level.


SXSW, or South by Southwest, is one of the largest events that bring influencers, experts, entrepreneurs, and creatives all to one place for a sneak peek at the future of technology and digital creativity. 

All of the great minds attend SXSW, and it's more than likely you'll be rubbing shoulders with someone famous before the day is over. One of the most significant places to build relationships, SXSW should be on your calendar this year.

4. Inc. Women's Summit

At the Inc. Women's Summit, you will be surrounded by savvy female entrepreneurs whose pursuits have changed the world. Prepare to be inspired by their stories of how they overcame their challenges and defied the odds. You will learn all the specific tools, strategies, and ideas they used to grow a successful business.

(Note: Forbes and Fortune also have a women's summit.)

5. Stacking Growth Summit

The Stacking Growth Summit is one that has been on our radar for a while now. This conference brings together all of the top growth marketers in the industry to share their strategies and growth-hacking ideas for your business. I like this event because it shares no fluff, just hard principles you can take away and apply to your business.

6. Social Media Week

If you're an entrepreneur who does most of your business online, you already understand the power of social media and how it can affect your business on a personal level. Social Media Week is the absolute best social media conference you will attend this year, or any year for that matter. 

Get the inside scoop on social media strategies from the best influencers and marketers, what they're doing to get more engagement, and how you can improve your strategies in 2018.

7. MozCon

Also centered on online business, MozCon is a great place to go to get information about all things social media, SEO, analytics, content strategy, and more. 

You can personally connect with the speakers and share their ideas on upcoming strategies for your business in 2018.

8. Content Marketing World

Started by Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing World is where every entrepreneur needs to be this year. Why? Because content is king, that's why. 

You want people to convert on your content, and this summit is the place you need to be to get the inside strategies on the best converting content. It doesn't hurt that you're given plenty of opportunities to create new relationships in your niche as well. 

9. BlogHer Conference

In 2005, there were 32 million bloggers online. That number has significantly increased since then and with that comes the BlogHer community. Not just for women, this conference caters to all bloggers and shares what you should be doing to create a blog that converts, excites, and is community-oriented, which eventually leads to success. 

10. No Longer Virtual (NLV)

This conference aims to turn online connections into real-world opportunities. NLV is a unique conference in that it limits signups to 50 participants. With only 50 people in attendance, the networking opportunities are often stronger than those of other larger conferences where it is easy to get lost in the crowd. 

With NLV, not only do you acquire new information that can help you grow your business, but you also leave with a real-life network of entrepreneurs to collaborate with.

In Conclusion

If you understand that consuming as much information as you can is not only good for your business but also good for your audience, then you begin to realize you should be attending one or two of these conferences this year. This is an investment in the future of your business, and you cannot put a price tag on the knowledge you will receive or the friendships you will cultivate by attending.