Twitter is known for being a great social network for both personal and organizational branding. The simple messaging system allows for a fast and easy way to reach an audience to promote a new book, speaking engagement, company, product, blog, video, website, etc.

Earlier this month, Twitter announced a new feature that will make self-promotion on Twitter even easier and perhaps even more effective. Users can now retweet themselves, which gives their tweets a second life and another shot at being seen. However, some people feel that by doing so Twitter is encouraging narcissism.

With the right strategy, I believe that people can self-retweet and not come across as too self-promotional. Here are few ideas I came up with so that you can take advantage of this new feature to get more exposure on your tweets and not appear like a narcissistic spammer.

Don't Retweet Them All

Your followers might get annoyed if you retweet all of your tweets. Especially if you already tweet multiple times a day. As much as you might like to think so, not all of your tweets are worthy of being retweeted. So, I suggest picking your top tweets, and retweeting those. 

Wait a While First

Never put out a tweet and then immediately retweet. First off, you will have defeated the purpose as the tweet would still be fresh in your followers' feed, so retweeting it wouldn't gain you any additional exposure.

Wait at least 12-24 hours before you self-retweet. This will give the original tweet enough time to circulate and be seen. Then, retweet it at a different time and day to refresh it with your followers. This will enable your tweet to be seen by those that weren't Twitter or just may have missed it the first time around.

Make Sure to Retweet Others

Instead, identify people on Twitter that are putting out great content that is relevant to your branding and retweet them regularly. Retweeting others will generate more retweets from your followers. If all you do is retweet yourself, you will soon find that it may be the only retweet you get.

My best advice, to get maximum results using Twitter to build your brand, always be thinking of ways you can help other's build their brand too. 

World-renowned scientist, researcher, and writer Milos Djukic has taken to Twitter to help distribute his message. He gets a lot of retweets from his followers. This is clearly due to not only his the great content he shares but his generous nature, and the frequency in which he promotes others versus self-promoting. Here is a tweet I saw just today where he is tweeting the content of fellow online writer David Grinberg

Take a look at Milos' tweet and follow his lead on retweeting others: