Twitter launched a public beta version of Promote Mode, adding a new way to promote tweets. In the past, users were limited to boosting individual tweets and managing each ad campaign, a process that can be both tedious and time consuming for the average user. 

Promote Mode saves users time by providing them with a simpler one-size-fits-all approach to advertising on Twitter that doesn't take being a marketer to run.

Now, for $99 a month, Twitter will promote your Tweets without your having to boost individual tweets or do anything else other than tweet interesting content.

Users select the keywords and industries they want to comprise their target audience. Promote Mode works in the background as an always-on service by promoting your Twitter account whether you're busy doing other money-making tasks within your business, out with your friends, or sleeping.

While the service picks which tweets it promotes, users can still do individual ad campaigns for tweets they'd like to promote.

Users should expect to see added engagement on their tweets and steady follower growth.

Like most services on Twitter, Promote Mode integrates nicely with their mobile app. Subscribers will see a new "Promote Mode" icon in their menu where they can find essential analytics regarding the performance of the campaign. The dashboard displays how many people are seeing their tweets, the number of followers gained, and the number of profile views.

Currently, Promote Mode is available in beta in the US and UK only and for users of its partner, Sprout Social CRM. If the service does well and helps Twitter's declining ad revenue, look for it to begin rolling out everywhere.

My experience as a beta user

I've been testing Promote Mode for the past week. As an avid Twitter user, I was eager to give it a shot. Here is my takeaway from my experience so far. 

I love how easy it is to use. The setup is painless, and there is no ongoing maintenance to do unless you want to change your target audience. It's fantastic knowing that my Tweets are being promoted while I'm busy working on other key areas of my business.

I'm not in love with the amount of engagement I'm getting on my tweets. My results from boosting individual tweets rendered better results for my ad dollars spent. Also, my followers have not grown much as a result of Promote Mode.

I don't like that I can't select which tweets to promote. It seems that often my top performing tweet for the day is not one chosen for promotion. 

My bottom line is this, if you're a brand marketer that is seeking plug in play ad solution on Twitter that won't require you to spend time updating and tweaking campaigns, then Promote Mode is a great solution.

However, if you have the time, it seems your ROI will be higher from creating individual campaigns either on Twitter or other social media ad platforms like Facebook. If Twitter would like to see Promote Mode help reverse their trend of declining ad revenue, they will have to deliver more value to customers than what I've seen so far with my $99 spend.