VH1's new hit show, "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party," pairs Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg in a celebrity cooking show, which on the surface appears to be a very strange choice.

However, if you ask the show's producer, SallyAnn Salsano, the pairing is far from random. In fact, she believes the move is actually brilliant.

"It just made sense," said Salsano. "It's like they are a unit. They exist. It's not fake. It's not put on. It's just what it is. That's why I think it feels so good because you have two people that genuinely love each other and respect each other, for real."

It's hard to argue with the results thus far. The show already has 3-million users and VH1 has announced that they will be bringing them back for a second season.

It turns out the odd couple is working out quite well. In fact, I believe there is something that those who are seeking a co-founder for their startup can learn from this unique pairing.

Different Skill Sets

Clearly, Martha and Snoop bring different skills to the table. Martha has the operational background of being an amazing cook and having her own show in the past. Snoop can't cook, but he is a raw entertainer that can make the crowd laugh and keep them engaged.

It's important that co-founders choose someone whose skill set can help them bridge the gap of their own deficiencies. Choosing someone with a similar skill set weakens the business as additional money must be spent to bring on someone else that has the skills the co-founders lack.

If your skills are in marketing and business development, clearly you're going to need someone on the product and technical side. So your priority should be to find someone with those skills, not partnering with another marketer.

A Strong Networker

We all know that business is often about who you know. So, as a co-founder of a startup having a strong network is crucial. Both Martha and Snoop bring millions of followers to the table that have helped the show get viewers.

Choose a co-founder that has a strong professional network that will be able to help you make the connections you need to make your business a success.

If you have a vast business network and your partner is a relative unknown, it probably isn't a good match.

History of Successful Collaboration

I bet you didn't know that Snoop and Martha were friends before this and have even worked together? Apparently, they've known each other for about nine years. In fact, Snoop has been a guest on Stewart's talk show several times, and they have cooked together over the years.

Snoop's guest appearances on Martha's show in the past saw a measurable spike in the ratings. It only made sense that the two would do well together on their own show.

A history of successful collaborations on projects in the past allows for trust to be quickly gained in the relationship. Success working together in the past allows you to jump past the typical learning curves in developing a collaborative relationship, which can take years to develop.

Emotional Intelligence

When watching the show, it is clear that Snoop and Martha make a strong emotional connection with their audience which is clearly the reason the show has become successful so fast.

Success in business is often the result of controlling your emotions and at the same time being able to influence the emotions of others.

Getting a startup off the ground can be an emotional rollercoaster. You need to partner with someone that can keep their head on straight when things don't go as planned.