Yesterday Mark Cuban made shockingly frank remarks on overcoming one's internal prejudices during a sitdown with Inc.'s Maria Aspan. Those remarks have attracted much media attention

In this excerpt shown above, the outspoken icon expanded on those thoughts in a wide-ranging and extraordinarily candid interview with Inc.'s Eric Schurenberg, while onstage in Nashville at Inc.'s GrowCo conference.

Inc.'s Lindsay Blakely posted highlights from that interview yesterday, which, in addition to furthering Cuban's remarks on racism, also encompassed the Dallas Mavericks' owner's thoughts on becoming a young billionaire, his not-entirely-legal path to success in his first entrepreneurial venture (a bar), what it's like behind the scenes at "Shark Tank," and much more. 

The video for Cuban's full and unexpurgated onstage interview--which, perhaps unsurprisingly, gets slightly NSFW in places--may be found below.