So one of your New Year's resolutions was to create an editorial calendar for 2015, organizing your blog posts, videos, Tweets and posts in such a way as to entertain and inform your target audiences:

Well, January has come and gone and you never got around to doing it. Just like the millions whose New Year resolutions to diet and exercise more have gone by the wayside, you never took the time to create your business' editorial calendar.

The good news is February is upon us and it is a month that offers up a host of editorial opportunities for your business.

While your editorial calendar should include items directly based on your thought leadership, products or services, February offers a number of national events and holidays that can provide creative fodder for your content creation efforts. Specifically, February gives us the Super Bowl, Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day and President's Day.
The Super Bowl: Whether you are selling services or sweaters, the Super Bowl presents a great opportunity for businesses to use the event to reach their own customers without taking out a $2 million ad. Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Center Blog used the Super Bowl as a theme in their post: Small Businesses Can Also Score with Super Bowl Marketing. Similarly, this was a tactic I used two years ago following the Giants stunning upset of the New England Patriots writing 10 Leadership Lessons from a Super Bowl Coach for this publication.
Groundhog Day: Groundhog Day offers dual opportunities for content creation and distribution. You can use the Groundhog Day theme of long winters or create content based on the themes from the movie Groundhog Day (doing the same things over and over). Elance, a company specializing in matching businesses with freelancer, used the theme on their company blog:

Do you ever feel like you are living the same day over and over again? Like Bill Murray in the movie "Groundhog Day," many of us get stuck in recurring routines that may be holding us back in our professional or personal lives. Elance buyer and realtor, Jonathan Fleming, broke out of the day-to-day routine by using Elance to find and hire professionals to help him supercharge his real estate business while launching new ventures including public speaking and consulting."

Valentine's Day: Valentine's Day should provide your business with any number of opportunities to reach out to your customer audiences. Brands send e-mail valentines, hold photos contests on Pinterest and many Valentine's Day themed special offers.

Last year, Uber did this brilliantly. They wrote blog posts around some inventive and creative promotions. In London, Uber cars delivered panties and boxers, while in Chennai, riders were surprised by flowers and other gifts.

You don't have to be as big as Uber to get something like this done. The London-based digital agency Maynard Malone created an infographic: Happy Valentine's Day, Dear Facebook that did a fantastic job of showing their creativity.

President's Day: President's Day offers a number of possibilities. Businesses can focus on leadership with lessons from George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, or they can go after the commercial aspects of the holiday. A great example of this was a blog post from Cision, a company that provides software for public relations professionals. In their blog post Prepare to Shine on Presidents' Day, they offer sound advice on how to use the holiday for promoting and advertising your business. Similarly, social media consultant Shonali Burke showed off her expertise with 7 President's Day Ideas for Social Media Junkies.