A business doesn't run through one single, simple action. It doesn't run through one channel of motion.

When you're a founder, or an entrepreneur, you can't be driven by one single activity. You have to constantly divide your time between listening, talking and doing. That's where you'll make actual innovation happen, but it's also where you'll do the work of growing and running a business.

You need to listen because your customers, your staff, your stakeholders are constantly sending you signals. Signals about their happiness, their goals, their priorities, their needs and their wants.

Listening to those signals allows you to understand the terrain that you're working with.

You need to spend time talking because you need to be sending signals in return, to communicate your response - or lack of response - to their signals. The back and forth of real communication can shape and save your business.

You need to spend time doing because this communication is pretty worthless without you taking appropriate action.

But here's the tough part. What do you think happens when you're not distributing yourself across those three activities? The founder who listens, but never talks or takes action is the founder who makes no progress. The same goes for any other imbalance there.

You need to listen. Talk. Take action. And repeat. That's what being a founder means.