Snapchat is a strange beast. For many businesses right now, it's tough to see how the platform can actually be useful. In fact, for many businesses the app is a wilderness that makes zero sense at all. It doesn't act like a standard social network, it doesn't run like a standard social network, and if you try and use it like one, you're going to get sweet nowhere.

I've been running some fantastic Snapchat experiments lately, playing with the way it encourages individual, one on one connection and engagement. So far, the results have been incredible.

I use Snapchat specifically to promote business coaching and consulting and marketing services, so I know exactly what my audience have come to me for. That's a head start, because it tells me what kind of content people are generally looking for in my channel.

There's a couple of key points that I've followed to lay the groundwork.

  1. I promote my Snapcode almost everywhere. It's on my email signature, my company website, my personal website and my Twitter. This gives folks an easy way to follow me, by just taking a picture of the Snapcode with their app. You want to remove every barrier to entry.
  2. I've started pushing Snapchat stories pretty regularly. I post every single day, with structured shows that people know to expect. For example, every single Monday night, I'll post "5 Minute Founder" with quick, actionable tips for startup founders. On Tuesdays, I'll post "Marketing Recipes" which is all about how to market your business. The next show I'm introducing is ZenSnaps, focusing on mindfulness. All of this just trains our audience to expect great content all the time.
  3. We engage, we talk, and we focus on individual followers. That last part is pretty crucial.

Here's How We Monetized Snapchat In 24 Hours

I launched a new Snapchat show, called Lightbulb Moments. The premise is pretty simple. I post short videos and snaps that provide some simple business advice that my audience finds useful. Every time I do this, I ask people to post a snap back with just a lightbulb emoji, and I'll give them one piece of personalized advice specifically about their business.

After I've shared and talked with them, I use that as an opportunity to give them some information on the value we provide in our lowest barrier to entry coaching and consulting programs with a link to buy and get started.

So far, that level of deep one on one interaction has already been paying off. I turned over $3,000 in the first 24 hours that I was running the Lightbulb Moments show, and it's been steadily growing from there. As a channel, it's working because I have this personal engagement.

Using Snapchat isn't easy, but it's rewarding. There's a lot of fun stuff that can be done right now, if you put your audience first, you're prepared to talk and you don't mind getting yourself out there. Trust me, it works - and we've got the receipts to prove it.