In a sense, you are the most valuable asset you could ever have. You're worth more to you as an asset than 17 properties, shares in Apple or a super car. What the hell am I talking about? I'm talking about the inherently unique value that only you can provide to the rest of the world. It's unique because there is nobody out there who can offer the same perspectives, paradigm shifts and ideas as you. Nobody. It's what makes individual creative people so powerful and valuable.

When you're building a consulting business, there are always multiple tiers of engagement. What I call the Service Synthesis Stratum.

On the lowest tier, you have products and services that are more impersonal to you. These are the entry points where people can engage with your company, brand and outcomes (note: you should always be selling outcomes, not services or products) with a low barrier and a low cost point and a low level of engagement with you.

These can be pieces of content, products you can build once and then sell again and again, videos, courses, technology, software - anything that is scalable without your hand on the wheel.

On the next tier, your clients and customers have the opportunity to move closer in and work more with you. They'll attend workshops or events, join group consulting sessions, have one of your own network members or employees embedded with them, and perhaps work directly with you in a limited way.

On the top tier, the highest echelon, you are giving people the opportunity to be working directly and closely with you. You aren't just charging for work anymore, and you aren't even charging for projects, what you're really paying for is exactly what folks pay Richard Branson for - an opportunity to work intimately with you. When you reach that point, you have the added bonus of being able to point to your most personal services as a premium. They're exclusive, they're reserved for the folks who are ready to make a real commitment.

When you can build a pricing and consulting structure like this, you're deliberately moving yourself away from being a technician. You're becoming something more. You're becoming an actual consulting entrepreneur who is valuable, not a grunt. There's plenty of grunts. They can't charge what you can. They can't do what you do. Take advantage of that.