When you look at where your life is going, and what you're working on, it's easy to feel as though there's a disconnect. Where does that come from? It comes from losing control. Not going off the rails necessarily, not losing control in a dramatic way. It comes from slowly ceding control to the outside elements and letting your reactions to their impact dictate who you are, where you're going and what you're doing.

That's an incredibly sad state of affairs. That's what happened to many of the men in my family, in the generations before me, from my own Father to his Father. They reacted, they were pushed and shoved along, and through the course of their lives, they lost control, little by little - and they lost consciousness too.

They were sad people. Sad, and angry and lost. And we're all in danger of living their lives. We can become reactive and lose control of our direction, of our souls, of our hearts and of our businesses, and as entrepreneurs, we're particularly capable of that.

What's driven the decisions in your life? You, or the things that have or haven't happened around you? That's an important question to think about. If you can't recognize where you haven't exerted control, you can't regain it fully. Write a list of the decisions that you've made in the past month, and then ask - were you really the one making them?

If You Want To Take Back Control, You Must Wake Up

One of the most common ways people lose control is by falling asleep at the wheel. Living on autopilot. Not even being fully conscious of what's going on around them. That happens all the time. That's why I recommend a 7 day fast. It's not a fast from food, it's a fast from living unconsciously. Here's the rules.

1. Every hour between 9AM-5PM, for seven days, set a reminder on your phone encouraging you to Wake Up.

2. When that reminder goes off, stop what you're doing and ask yourself - am I awake at this moment? A great way to make sure that you are is to list, mentally, everything you're wearing and doing and feeling right in that moment.

3. You're allowed to miss no more than 3 hours on any given day. If you do, you have to go back and start the 7 day fast again.

I can't guarantee this is going to make a difference. But I can guarantee that the level of self awareness you'll need to reach in order to accomplish the 7 Day Fast will make all the difference in the world.