At the cafe today, I heard a conversation between a group of full-timers. They were talking about their job, and how they wish they could be doing better. You know how the talk was going?

"I'd love to be able to get more sales across the line, but there's no support from marketing."

"Wish I could keep more customers, but you know how bad management are."

...Please note, I've cleaned up that dialog somewhat.

It came down to laying the blame. The old Potomac Shuffle. The fault wasn't with any of those lifers, it was with the management, the other departments, the folks at their customers' offices - the list went on. The fault lay elsewhere.

I couldn't help thinking about what a luxury that is. A luxury that you don't have as a solo entrepreneur. Because you can't blame anyone else for your struggle and strife except you. You can't because there is nobody else. But you know what? That situation is a lot more empowering. It's my situation at my companies.

It means that the ability to improve, to change your situation, to make leaps and take chances lies with you, not with the myriad of departments and office enemies around you. Sure, it's also scarier - you have to stand up and take the fall when the time comes - but a little added pressure can make all the difference.

Oh and by the way. If you stand around on your own in a coffee shop having a conversation with yourself to blame yourself for a lack of success, people are going to find you a little strange.