Someone told me once that life has a playlist. I'm sure it was intended to be a philosophical nugget but it got me wondering--since so much of my life spins around my startup, did it have a playlist?

I'm not sure how much it's different from my life playlist but my startup definitely has one. And while I know Inc Magazine is a place you're likely turning to sound business advice, I thought, this once I'd offer some sound advice from my business. Here, then, are the top 15 songs playing in our offices--our startup soundtrack.

Feel free to add them to your playlist. And if I missed any that should be on our office loop, let me know.

All of You - Betty Who

Team: Cofounders

Why we're jamming to it: Betty Who croons the tune your company itself would sing with the line, "I want you to give me all of you." When you're living out of your office, relating to this jam comes pretty darn easily.

Diamonds (Flaxo Stadium remix) - Rihanna

Team: Product Management

Why we're jamming to it: Fire remix coming in hot with a perfect representation of the bridge between tech and sales/marketing. It has beautifully crafted lyrics coupled with energy building producing, culminating in a mind blowing drop. The Biggie sample isn't too shabby either.

6pm in NY

Team: Everyone

Why we're jamming to it: "I speak on this generation, but can't change it alone"... "If me and Future hadn't made it with this rappin', we'd probably be out in Silicon tryna get our billions on." If Drake's vision doesn't sound appealing, you may have chosen the wrong career.

Space Jam theme song

Team: Sales

Why we're jamming to it: Little explanation necessary, it's the Space Jam theme song. There are few feelings like when the sales team comes in with a total slam dunk. Celebrate your big deal with a classic that'll get the people going.

Bitch Better Have My Money - Rihanna

Team: Finance

Why we're jamming to it: See song title. Toss this bad boy on when you invoice a client to optimize swagger.

Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

Team: Marketing

Why we're jamming to it: Much like the marketing team paints a picture of your company, The Boss's timeless "Born to Run" gives you the sense that the American Dream is alive and well.


Team: Everyone

Why we're jamming to it: Fire this up after your beginning-of-the-week team meeting, and even the most persistent cases of "The Mondays" take their leave. If it doesn't get you going, check your pulse.

The Champ - Ghost Face Killah

Team: Sales

Why we're jamming to it: Try playing this before a big call or meeting and not crushing it. You can't.

Secrets Vassy (radio edit)--Tiesto & Kshmr

Team: Client Strategy

Why we're jamming to it: "Stay a while" is pretty much the goal for client strategy. You nailed it, Tiesto. Nailed it.

Man! I Feel Like a Woman--Shania Twain

Team: Everyone

Why we're jamming to it: The ladies in our office absolutely crush it. And not just the song, they rock our business too. It's also a fun song everyone enjoys.

Bounce It - Juicy J

Team: Everyone

Why we're jamming to it: A little sneak peek into the Jebbit office: when we close a large deal, we blast this at full volume while the whole team goes bananas. We love to Bounce.

Five More Hours - Deorro featuring Chris Brown

Team: Sales

Why we're jamming to it: Late night prospecting session? Kick it off with a little Chris Brown and get psyched to crank.

The Nights - Avicii

Team: Everyone

Why we're jamming to it: "The Nights" encapsulates the moment. In 20 years, we won't remember that time we went to bed early, but the long nights spent with our team will be with us forever.

Anna Sun - Walk The Moon

Team: Cofounders

Why we're jamming to it: Because even when it feels like this house is fallin' apart, we're still gonna rattle this ghost town.

Runaway - Galantis

Team: Tech

Why we're jamming to it: "Runaway" is probably how the tech team feels when us regular folk come to them with our various bug and feature requests. We love you, tech team. Seriously.

Whatever your office or personal jam, in the startup business, it usually helps to play it loud and play it proud. That goes for the music too.




Published on: Jun 25, 2015