Imagine being a more confident and effective entrepreneur. You no longer hesitate in business decisions. You trust the words coming out of your mouth. You solve problems easily. 

That's what happens when you become an idea machine.

By writing 10 ideas a day, Claudia Azula Altucher was invited to business events from Google and LinkedIn.

She launched a bestselling book, Become An Idea Machine: Because Ideas Are The Currency Of The 21st Century

Here are 10 powerful tips for you to become an idea machine:

1. Ideas are the new currency

Ideas are the currency of the 21st century. When you come up with ideas every day, you start getting good ideas. People want to hang out with you because of the value you bring. As an idea machine, you build business relationships and create opportunities. 

2. Train your idea muscle

Your ideas are a muscle. The more you train the muscle, the stronger it becomes. 

Write down 10 ideas a day. Your ideas will get better. you will create more value and grow your business.

3. Quantity comes first

If one day you cannot come up with 10 ideas, come up with 20. Your ideas don't need to be perfect. Exercise your idea muscle and keep moving.

Writing 10 ideas a day gives you momentum. Great Ideas start coming to you. A wonderful book idea hit Claudia and she started typing all day without eating. The book became an Amazon bestseller. 

4. Invest in yourself

The best business investment you can make is in yourself. Your business can go bankrupt, but your ideas won't. 

Read books. Get coaching. Study leaders in your industry. When you improve yourself, your improve your ideas. As a result, your business improves. 

5. Live in the Now

We have no control of tomorrow. All we have is now. Find out what you're interested in today and list ideas. 

Richard Branson is an "Idea Atomic Machine." He has ideas on the fly all the time. Upset about his canceled flight, Richard Branson created a flight to his destination and thought, "Why don't I start an airline?" He started Virgin Atlantic. 

When you come up with ideas every day, you'll turn problems into opportunities. 

6. Have a specific theme 

Each idea list comes with a daily theme. It could be "10 tips for public speaking" or "10 ways to grow my email list." 

Claudia's book provides you with 180 themes to become an idea machine. Write down 10 ideas for each theme and build your idea muscle.

7. Get to 10

Coming up with the first few ideas is easy. It gets harder when you go to idea seven or eight. Keep coming up with ideas because the final three will turn you into an idea machine.  

I challenged Claudia on 10 ideas to reach Richard Branson. In seconds, she came up with eight ideas:

  • Organize a conference on Necker Island 
  • Write for
  • Fly Virgin Atlantic 
  • Make YouTube videos on how great Virgin Atlantic is 
  • Give Branson ideas
  • Comment on Branson's LinkedIn posts 
  • Make a phone call
  • Talk to pilots from Virgin Atlantic

Then she made the breakthrough and got to the final two (which are probably the best ones):

  • Connect with people who know Branson
  • Organize a LinkedIn influencer dinner

Get to 10 ideas every time. The last two ideas are usually the best.

8. Ideas are more important than execution 

People say, "Ideas are worth nothing; execution is everything." Not true. When there's no idea, there's no execution. Execution is just a subset of ideas. 

9. Execute ideas that make you feel good

An idea has energy. If the idea makes you feel good, execute and see where it leads you. By executing the book idea, Claudia became a bestselling author and inspired thousands of people.

10. Have idea sex

Idea sex is mixing two ideas into a super powerful idea. When rock n' roll meets blues, we get the Rolling Stones. When George Lucas reads Joseph Campbell, we get Star Wars. 

On the challenge of reaching Richard Branson, Claudia mixed two good ideas into a great one: reaching her network and inviting 100 people to Necker Island. 

Mix good ideas so you'll come up with ideas that are great.

Write down 10 ideas a day. Execute ideas that make you feel good, and watch yourself becoming an idea machine.