Networking is a mindset and flows from a place of intentionality. Part of that intentionality can come from the simple practice of smiling, and part of it can come in a smart way to do email introductions. Today I want to give you another tool to help you re-engage with those you may not have spoken with in a while.

A daily practice.

Every day, usually while I'm having my coffee or tea, I spend fewer than five minutes texting one or two people I have not spoken with in a while. If you make this is a daily practice, you'll create greater responsiveness in your personal and professional networks.

  • You can use social-media newsfeeds as points of departure. Instead of the no-effort "like" or easy retweet, why not message a given person about what he/she shared?
  • If you prefer, open up whichever text messaging app(s) you use and scroll all the way to the bottom. Assuming your texts are arranged chronologically, these text conversations are with people you may not have spoken with in a while. Send a friendly message to let that person know you are thinking about them.

Make it easy--for them.

When people get an unexpected message, they often immediately appreciate it, but they might also have a sinking feeling that you want something from them. If you let them know there's no obligation to reply--my friend Ramit Sethi often abbreviates this to NRN (no reply necessary), which lets people off the hook and just allows them to enjoy your message.

Remember this goes back to intentionality. You're not doing this to make people love you, you're doing it because you love people. Sometimes adding value to someone's life isn't necessarily helping them get a new job or apartment, or meeting a new friend or significant other, it's that kind word or unexpected encouragement that comes in the middle of a hard day, week, or even month. It's even better when it comes from an unexpected person or place. Try this and let me know the results @theartofcharm on Twitter. I promise you (and your network) will like what you see.