If you've ever wanted a maragrita on the beach or lakeside, but didn't have access to a blender, this cooler will solve that problem--and many more.

The Coolest Cooler Kickstarter campaign launched by Ryan Grepper, Cooler's founder, on July 8 and passed its $50,000 goal on Day 2. Currently, the campaign has nearly 11,000 backers and more than $2 million pledged--and it's still growing. (The campaign ends Aug. 29).

By taking a product as simple as a cooler and making it into a one-stop-shop for partiers and beach goers everywhere, Coolest is light-years ahead of the game. Currently, the product is retailing for $185, as the $165 early bird special already sold out.

The Coolest campaign joins the ranks of other high-flying campaigns like the Pebble e-Watch and the the Ouya game console, which both witnessed wild success within days of launching. Many lessons can be learned from this campaign, like others before it. Here are four:

Timing is everything: By launching this campaign in the middle of the summer, Grepper is able to hook backers that are in summer vacation mode. When creating a product that appeals to consumers during certain times of the year, timing is everything. When Grepper originally tried to launch the product in the wintry month of November last year, it didn't take. 

Tinker with tradition: By combining party necessities such as a blender, a bottle opener and removable wireless speakers with storage for plates a divider and cutting board, a flashlight, and a USB charging port among other things, Coolest is a portable party that can appeal to many audiences.

Shoot low, aim high: When Grepper launched Coolest's first crowdfunding campaign last year, the goal was $125,000, which it didn't meet. The re-launch had a goal of just $50,000, which it surpassed on its second day. Reaching its goal so quickly has gained notoriety for the campaign, drawing more media attention (ehem) to the product.

Offer personalized incentives: All backers on the campaign receive Coolest gear, with early bird and regular bird backers receiving the cooler for $165 and $185, respectively. After that, for $2,000 backers get to have Grepper fly to them and be their personal bartender if they so choose with one of the first Coolests produced. Coolest even has it's own Twitter account that gives shoutouts to fans that mention they are Coolest backers.