The New Yorker lifted its paywall this week, making its vast trove of magazine articles available -- for a limited time only. This fall, after overhauling its website, the magazine will introduce a new, metered paywall. But until then you can check out any of the articles published since 2007. We've compiled a list of some of The New Yorker's best business reads, including profiles of entrepreneurs and other leaders in business and technology. Check them out below. 

1. "The Uses of Adversity"

Entrepreneurs overcoming adversity may wind up with a distinct advantage in the business world, as Malcolm Gladwell writes in this 2008 article.

2. "The Hand On the Lever"

Janet Yellen became one of the business world's most powerful women -- and one of its most powerful leaders, male or female -- when she became the first female chair of the Federal Reserve Board. This month, Nicholas Lemann profiled Yellen and how she's reshaping the role of the Fed.

3. "When Giants Fall"

Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen wrote The Innovator’s Dilemma, which became a sacred text to many startups. In this 2012 profile, Larissa MacFarquhar examined Christensen's impact on business, innovation and disruptive technology. (She also laid the groundwork for colleague Jill Lepore's June takedown of "the disruption machine," as popularized by Christensen.)

4. "Business Outsider"

A look at Business Insider’s editor in chief, Henry Blodget. Ken Auletta's 2013 profile focuses on how Blodget made a comeback from a stained Wall Street reputation (including a lifetime ban from securities trading) to turn Business Insider into the online publishing mammoth it is today. (Ken Auletta, 2013)

5. "Bill Gates's Favorite Business Tales, In The New Yorker" 

For some more retro business reading, check out this selection of older articles by The New Yorker's John Brooks. Bill Gates's favorite book, Business Adventures, is a compendium of Brooks's business articles, and the magazine dug some of them out of its archives for this post.