All the media, advertising and white noise being sprayed in our faces everyday can easily feel like we're an unwitting open trash receptacle. With this unsought onslaught of external input and expectations, it's a miracle that we can even get out of bed in the morning, let alone make it through an entire day operating at our best.

Imagine the fun, and sheer awesomeness, of possessing the innate ability to radiate charismatic impactful confidence within seconds--as easily as flipping a light switch on--and apply it to any life challenge or situation.

Think of the people who really shake the room when they enter. What do they do? They effect change.

The most memorable personalities, speeches, or presentations are the ones where the presenter radiated their true, lit up, and unrestrained selves outwards in a seemingly effortless manner.

I've been arming my clients for years with a wildly effective tool to handle anything that life throws their way, with remarkable ease and fun.

I help Hollywood celebrities, entrepreneurs, CEO's, politicians and other world leaders ignite themselves with this magnetic confidence by helping them to find their "hook" for any scenario: a speech, interview, debate, pitch, asking for a raise, first date. Absolutely anything.

A hook is a deeply emotional (and improvisational) attitude that is cultivated within your body and then owned verbally. It's designed to instantly light you up emotionally, within seconds, and propel you to the phenomenally successful completion of any task.

Creating physical confidence inside your body leads to mental and emotional confidence. Just as your words become your reality, confidence in your body develops into internal, self-sustaining confidence that immediately starts to effect change.

The 3 results this level of confidence will get you:

  • People will fall in love with you.
  • You will get exactly what you want.
  • You will be memorable.

One of my executive clients recently approached me to work on telling a really good joke to win the respect of his colleagues at a holiday party. He was slightly embarrassed that he needed help with this.

I assured him that there was no need to feel bad, as telling a good joke is a skill that few people possess. Most would never admit to their comedic shortcomings, or seek help to cultivate their skills.

His underlying goal was to show the higher-ups in the company that he was executive material and to set the groundwork for a promotion.

The hook we distilled delivered devastatingly positive results in the form of sparking instant confidence and fearlessness to start telling the joke, while simultaneously giving him the proper emotional fuel and stamina to drive it steadily to a killer punch line.

The power of the hook orbits around the notion that your words directly shape and alter your reality, so that you instantly become what you are saying.

Your hook needs to be so emotionally powerful and concise that when you say it, you feel as though your whole being is ignited, so that when you start speaking, you do so lit up and on fire!

Some of the best hooks can be expressed in five words or less.

A hook gives you a type of organic confidence to help power you, easily, and with great fun, through any life-challenge you're facing.

It's helped clients get out of bed in the morning, win an Oscar, speak in front of the UN, get laid, nail that huge job interview, successfully pitch their startup and get funded, or rally their team.