There are some people who can walk into any room, say one word, and instantly be unforgettable.

I can probably count those people on one hand as they're the few wonderful men and women who had a profound impact on my life over the years.

Some have a natural knack for leaving a mark, while others hone, develop, and magnify this awesome human ability.

We can all recall those who have entered the room, and in that first moment, carved an indelible mark on us. I believe "love at first sight" is this phenomenon in action.

The benefits of being able to stand out the moment you walk into any room are insanely cool: commanding the respect of your peers, being seen as CEO material, landing the job, getting that promotion or raise, successfully pitching your startup idea, getting funded, being heard in a meeting, meeting the love of your life, etc.

Being unforgettable the second you say "Hello" is the result of the magnification of four untapped human superpowers. When properly harnessed and deployed, these capabilities give you the ability to walk into any room, have immediate impact, and be instantly memorable.

Here they are:

1. Supreme body confidence

The ability to adopt a mind and body attitude of sheer grit and determination within seconds, whenever you need.

This is a truly powerful ability because it can burn through the fog of any nerves and anxiety you may feel when faced with a daunting public speaking task, or other life or career changing opportunity where you must be at your best, or risk failure.

This is one of my favorite things to do with my executive clients--helping them activate charismatic confidence, in a flash, for maximum impact on their audiences.

2. Being fully yourself

The ability to do YOU all the time--to show people your heart, without being afraid to look like an asshole or a freak is a badass skill. Dare yourself to publicly be the person you are in private: the way you talk, behave, laugh, etc.

It may feel that by being less smiley you're going to come across as boring and uninteresting but you won't. Try it for one day--it's fun! See the way people positively respond, and are attracted to your authentic (and true) self.

3. Ignite with fun

The ability to light yourself up with an empowered, cathartic, and alive sense of fun.

This is some serious and perhaps dangerous fun. It's not to be confused with mundane everyday unengaged play. It's the kind of fun you feel when you climb Everest for the first time, or the feeling of that marvelous gut punch you get when meeting the love of your life, and every other time you see them thereafter. It's the kind of fun that takes your breath away.

4. Not being desperate

The ability to not reek of desperation. There are risks to being fully yourself and not caring what people think: rejection, failure, public condemnation, among many others.

With regards to doing this work, the fear of failure is the only limiting factor that separates the doers from the dreamers. If you can find a way discard your fear, and walk out onto the thin ice of possible rejection, you can live the life that you're meant for--one of unimaginable happiness and mega success beyond your wildest dreams.