For years I've helped both my entertainment and executive clients develop the ability to walk into any scenario, instantly light up with unshakable charismatic confidence, and guarantee one of these three winning results:

1. Getting your intended result. They loved you and you won the job, got the promotion, got funded, etc.

2. Winning the room. They loved you, and your performance or presentation blew their minds, but you're just not the right fit for reasons beyond your control. Be assured that they will be bringing you back in for another--perhaps greater--opportunity in the future.

3. Getting Called Back. This is a subset of winning the room. Your prospects will bring you back for a second round interview, another chance to pitch incorporating any previous notes, a meeting with the CEO, or to compete for another position within the company.

If you're not getting one of the above results every time you walk into a room where an opportunity exists, you may unintentionally be projecting some form of desperation.

Desperation is perhaps the single biggest turn off in business. It's the antithesis to confidence; it raises suspicions about your motives; no one wants to work with it.

Here are three simple time-tested ways to instantly burn through the fog of desperation whenever you're selling something.

Get over yourself
Getting over yourself is the ability to take the "I" out of the picture. It starts by owning the attitude, "It ain't about me; it's about the opportunity I'm describing."

Releasing yourself from personal responsibility can be amazingly liberating. It makes you free to focus on the great product or service that you're offering, and pitching to the wants and needs of your prospects...all of this free from the fear of personal rejection.

Don't get attached to the outcome
Not being consumed by the desired outcome of any scenario eliminates self-consciousness. You will rarely be disappointed if you stop getting attached to an idea of "how it should go."

When you let go of your expectations about how a specific scenario is going to play out, you instantly free yourself from its outcome. This liberating freedom lays the groundwork for you to radiate infectious charismatic confidence that will consistently trigger an enthusiastic "WOW!" from your prospects.

Getting "wrapped up" in the potential success or failure of any endeavor is when desperation will often shut you down within seconds.

Get lit up!
I help my clients figure out what is truly fun and exciting to THEM about what they're selling or presenting--what lights them up. I help to get these energized emotions moving within their bodies, and within seconds they begin to spark an infectious passion and confidence so compelling that prospects have a very hard time saying "no."

Best of all, this awesome ability can be activated and deployed within seconds, whenever you need it.