Confidence is the great equalizer: whether you come from an affluent background or staggering poverty, confidence can help you transcend any obstacle, mental or physical, and help you to actualize your wildest dreams.

I'm often surprised how many parents don't nurture this powerful ability in their children on a consistent basis.

I've coached children who are geniuses and prodigies but still haven't been taught how to properly put confidence in their bodies, thus stifling their capacity to make the most of their considerable talents.

Teaching your child confidence helps them to adopt a mentality of "yes I can" versus "maybe I can"--and believe me, there's a difference.

With the adults I coach, it's very obvious to me the ones who were nurtured with confidence from an early age.

The evidence is in their career choices, financial standing, and relationship decisions.

Laying this foundation for your children regularly will benefit them in their adult lives, as it will acquaint them with taking risks, healthy relationships, exploring possibilities and ultimately realizing their full potential.

Not only is confidence the booster rocket to effecting major financial success, it can also set your kids up for a lifetime of genuine happiness, and spare them from unnecessary pain via misguided efforts and wasted energy.

We help our clients develop impactful attractive confidence within seconds to effect maximum change in their audiences. And, to set them up for a life of financial success.

You can help your child build their levels of confidence daily.

If confidence is the booster rocket to major financial success and happiness, then unconditional love is most certainly what fuels it.

Giving your children the gift of confidence to last a lifetime is easy. Providing a sanctuary of love and support with which to grow it, takes constant focus, awareness and intention.

When you demonstrate to your child that they are loved unconditionally, it plants the notion in their mind that "everything is going to be okay" and cushions them with a net that indicates it's okay to dream big, take risks and not be perfect.

The children that are surrounded in unconditional love grow up to be adults who start companies, invent award-winning products, and compete on the world stage.

A great and wonderful friend once said, "What is for you in life will not go by you." This is possibly one of the truest things I've come to know. This does not mean that these incredible opportunities will just fall out of a clear blue sky and onto your lap.

You must be in the right place to reach out and grab it! An unshakeable body attitude of confidence empowers you to attain all that is for you in this world.

When you're tuned to your Olympic level confidence--the highest level you can possibly achieve today--you cannot help but attract the finest of what is meant for you.

In this case, children aren't suffocated by a sphere of timidity and uncertainty. They learn to attack opportunities in life and forge the path they deserve while they are young.