Throughout my work helping A-list actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, politicians, world leaders to launch their careers and effect maximum change in their audiences, I've witnessed many clients crash and burn as a result of self-destructive and self-sabotaging behavior.

When people think of self-destructive behavior they quickly conjure up images of drug and alcohol abuse, gambling, poor financial decisions, etc.

There are a few less obvious personality traits that can abruptly tank any success you've accumulated.

While there are dozens of success-breeding behaviors, below are the top three personality traits of wildly successful people.


Having an expanded self-awareness means being mindful of the existence of others.

Those clients who achieve soaring levels of success treat everyone with respect, and realize that there is a world that exists outside of their immediate problems, personal goals, and agendas.

Those who exhibit a lack of self-awareness typically have no regard for other collaborators and team members in the room -- they hold attitudes akin to: Subordinates are not talented professionals in their own right, but rather people who exist to elevate the executive.

These are people who do not truly love their work.

One of the clearest and best example of this is the waiter who returns to the table mid meal with a forced smile to ask, "How is everything?!" when your mouth is full of food.

This is a painfully obvious self-serving act in an attempt to get a bigger tip and force a compliment.

If the server had the most basic sense of self awareness, he/she could have handily seen that you were clearly enjoying your food and experience, or if there was an urgent need for assistance and intervention.

Servers who posses this easily cultivable level of awareness and grace earn thousands of dollars more per year.

Additionally, the pathology of self-entitled and ignorant people can be quite toxic.

True Grit

In life, nothing that is for you will go by you. But that doesn't mean it will just fall into your lap. You have a right and responsibility to reach out and grab it with both hands using every tool at your disposal.

Anyone hoping to achieve significant success must possess grit.

You have to be pleasantly persistent in order to build and maintain game-changing relationships with industry movers and shakers.

This means not being afraid to pick up the phone to pitch yourself and your ideas. Don't walk around with your tail tucked between your legs.

I help my clients walk into any nerve-racking situation by adopting an appropriate body attitude of unshakable confidence to instantly stand out from the "American Idol" masses of their competition.

Having tenacity and grit means knowing that major success is simply a direct result of creating your own opportunities.

Those without courage wait around for breadcrumbs and handouts, and expect success to magically fall into their laps, or fall off of a truck.

To develop true grit, increase your proactive efforts, hone your phone skills, and grow a thick skin.

The Giver

My top tip for acquiring sustainable success in any industry is to "give more than you take."

Realize that you are not entitled to anyone's time or help. It's imperative to reciprocate favors and mirror support.

At the end of the day, lasting and meaningful success in any industry is a direct result of your ability to develop a charismatic and giving personality while building and maintaining game-changing relationships.