"To me, business isn't about wearing suits or pleasing stockholders. It's about being true to yourself, your ideas and focusing on the essentials." 
-Richard Branson

Some of the  world's most successful and influential entrepreneurs have infectious personalities that perfectly reflect their brands and their life's work.

It can seems as though the Elon Musks and the Richard Bransons of the world have a bottomless supply of eerily profound remarks, which only further assert their ability to achieve, impact, and innovate.

Many people dismiss these great entrepreneurs as being rarer and more unique than the average person-almost superhuman-and therefore, they can't help but effortlessly light up a room.

That's only partially true.

Yes, these people are different. They've been able to locate, develop, and release their inner greatness. Releasing this inner greatness has empowered them to both envision real innovation and to have confidence in their ideas.

You too have inner greatness that you can locate, develop, and release.

It will enable you to fine-tune the voice of your brand, amplify your confidence and lead like your own version of Tony Robbins or Sheryl Sandberg.

Sure, you can read all the inspirational biographies and self help books you like, but one of the most surefire and unexpected ways to hone in on, and radiate, this inner greatness is via top tier acting training.

This level of performance training forces you to get out of your own way and dig deep. This is because superior acting training coaxes you so far out of your comfort zone.

You have to declare love to someone, beg someone not to leave you, insult someone, threaten people, seduce people, demean people and nurture them-all using the most authentic parts of yourself. It's essentially everyday life with all the boring parts removed.

In my work with both Hollywood celebrities and top executives, I use powerful tools to help my clients develop charismatic confidence within seconds, to instantly light up with their inner greatness.

One of the game-changing tools I use is a core set of checkpoints, specifically designed to help my clients know when they're delivering the best possible performance, and impacting their audience.

Here they are:

1. Don't guess what "they" are looking for.

Assume YOU are who "they" are looking for, and bring yourself to your work.

2. Are you having fun?

If it's not fun-cathartic, empowered, invigorated fun-you can be one hundred percent sure you're not operating at your highest success potential.

This kind of fun can be intense; like you just climbed Everest and feel you might die, but every pore in your body is screaming "I'm alive!" You can be sure today's most impactful visionaries are having this level of fun.

3. Are you having impact?

Are you constantly finding ways to surprise people and effect change (both personally and professionally)? Show your prospects what they didn't know they wanted yet.

4. Are you doing your version of it?

Injecting and stamping your work with your unique and singular personality is the best way to carve an irreplaceable niche.

5. Does it feel easy and loose?

In order to produce your best possible work, you should create a strong sense of flow in all areas of your work-from communication with your team to interacting with clients.

Using these laser sharp tools, and many others, I help my executive clients grow their businesses faster, and develop impactful confidence to take the necessary risks in their careers to set them apart from their competition.

They learn to harness the power of their unique personalities to attract more clients by being the brightest light in every room. To be unforgettable. Ultimately, and perhaps most importantly, these people live happier and more fulfilling lives.