I recently returned from a trip to Europe, a trip that I was both excited and somewhat anxious about, as it meant that I'd have to take a long break from my business.

I was surprised to find that this time off actually benefited me exponentially. I came back more creative, more energetic, and with a sharpened perspective.

Business is like being in the ocean, there's a reluctance to turn your back on it, for fear of what might happen.

But making any decision based on fear is never a good idea.

Think of your next vacation as an investment in your yourself and your business, as it offers these singular benefits:

Fresh Perspective:

Time away--just a little bit--provides a new perspective you can't get any other way. Solutions to challenges come more readily, almost effortlessly, and obstacles don't seem quite as foreboding.

Distance and time have a special way of clearing up confusions, and spotlighting the best choices.

A Pat on the Back:

Taking a timeout from work means that you'll have a chance to step back, look at your accomplishments and give yourself some credit.

While all the distance in the world will never make you feel like things are perfect with your career, the space a vacation provides can force you to say, hey things are moving in the right direction because of my hard work. Or, a wake-up call to shift gears altogether.

You have to acknowledge your successes on the competitive road ahead, otherwise you're destined to never truly be happy, as your mind will always be racing towards the next thing.

Don't fall into the trap of examining your career through the eyes of others.

Enrich Yourself:

Remember that daring adventure you always wanted to take? Remember how you've always wanted to watch that Netflix series?

Most of my clients have a host of enriching activities they'd love to try which would doubtlessly enhance their current work, but never do.

Fill your time up with these extracurricular interests, activities and hobbies that you've always wanted to undertake.

Get back to doing that exciting thing you've always really wanted to do, before you did what you felt you had to do.

Taking a vacation can drum up those old anxieties of how am I going to stay on top of things?

Quite simply, those are fear-based notions that don't serve you.

A vacation is a truly singular opportunity to renew your lease on fun, supercharge your productivity, and grow your business with a greater sense of peace and fulfillment.