As we enter the holiday season I thought I would share with my readers a list of eleven useful sites that you should check out (if you have not already done so):


Driving to watch a Thanksgiving parade, to visit relatives in the city over Christmas, or to a public Menorah lighting? lets you compare the price of parking at nearby garages, and offers coupons that can save you significant amounts. It even lets you pre-pay for, and reserve, spots in some garages, which can be invaluable if you are traveling to a popular location.


Planning on going skiing or snowboarding this winter? Traveling with skis and/or snowboards - especially if you are flying or taking public transportation - can be a real pain, and quite expensive. ShipSkis lets you ship your winter sports equipment in a quick, easy, and affordable fashion, potentially making your travels a lot more enjoyable.


Thinking of buying jewelry for someone special this holiday season? See what the underlying value of the gold, silver, or platinum is in any piece before you spend a small fortune. Remember that the labor of crafting jewelry out of metal costs money as well - so jewelry should cost more than the metal in it. Also, keep in mind that Sterling Silver is only 92.5% silver, and 14K gold is only 14/24 gold - so calculate accordingly.


Making New Year's resolutions to get into better shape and to meet new people? Zogsports lets you find - and register for - sports leagues in your local area.


Ready to play sports, but not ready for a formal league? Looking for a workout partner? Sportimity lets you search for playgrounds and people to sport with. The service began this year in New York and is launching in other cities soon.


Looking for great deals? Dan's Deals offers great advice on how to maximize the value you derive from frequent flier miles and hotel points, as well as provides a daily selection of great shopping deals.


Shopping for technology this holiday season? Techbargains tells you about the latest and greatest relevant deals that can be found online. The site is updated regularly throughout the day.

See some fashion item that you want to purchase? Upload a photo to Syte and it will use artificial intelligence to find similar products and let you know what they cost at various vendors. The system functions as a website or chat-bot.


Going to be off the grid, but still want to share sports highlights from your favorite team? Sportswonks is a social network for sports fans that lets you automatically share highlights, game reports, and commentary with others.


Planning to take care of any repairs or improvements on your home during the winter holiday break? Hometalk may be the world's largest "Do It Yourself" (DIY)-specific community; it offers a social network for folks who like to collaborate on creative, hands-on projects. 


Want to improve your business, entrepreneurship, and general skills during your time off? If you are reading this piece you already know that contains great articles, and is a great destination for people seeking self-improvement information. Of course, if you are also interested in cybersecurity issues, online privacy, and cool technology (including consumer electronics, health and beauty products, and toys) be sure to regularly check my column. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see my latest updates.

Happy Holidays!