Lauren Francesca is a comedian, actress, and a social media star. She and I met when we both tried out the Shapr professional networking app last year. At the time, she had about 70,000 fans on her Facebook page - a year later she has 1.8 million. I recently sat down with her at YouTube Space in New York and asked her how she acquired such a large following so quickly (which, at the time was 1.6 million followers) in an era in which there are any thousands of young actresses on social platforms competing for attention and an audience. She provided five primary pointers, which should be useful to anyone seeking to expand his or her Facebook fanbase:

1. Consistency

Lauren posts several times a day, every day. That said, she did point out that even though she posts often, she only posts one item at a time - as posting multiple items in close proximity can lead to fewer views. Take note: When I interviewed "Baby Ariel" Martin, "TheyLoveArii" Trejos, and Loren Beech, three of the top teens on the platform, they also named consistency of posting as their number one pointer for growing a social media fan base; successful social media stars seem to view consistency as a top ingredient for success.

2. Utilize data analytics

Lauren utilizes Facebook analytics to determine what time her followers are most active on social media - and schedules her posts accordingly. Likewise, in an effort to attract new followers she studies the post-timing of other popular Facebook pages whose fan demographics match those of her own fan-base. Posting when the greatest number of relevant people are likely to see your posts can amplify your reach, and, over time this can translate into a substantial increase in followers.

3. Engage with your audience

Many of Lauren's posts contain elements of audience engagement, such as asking the audience questions and responding to their answers, or mentioning people who commented on prior posts. When doing a live cooking show with her mother, for example, Lauren asked her audience what dishes they wanted to see her prepare - and she cooked one of the popular suggestions. Lauren told me that engaging with the audience in such a fashion makes people visiting her page feel like they are part of a community rather than just spectators - which not only brings them back to watch more content, but also causes them to share her posts, something that helps attract more followers.

4. Ask your audience to help

There is no reason to be shy. Lauren asks her audience to share her videos, and, at times, holds contests - rewarding people with some prize if they share or like videos.

5. Post what your audience wants

By studying the performance of her posts as detailed in Facebook analytics, Lauren is able to pattern more new posts after those that have been most successful. Lauren also pointed out that if you are running a professional page, your audience wants to see your professional posts there, so, unless the content of such posts is related to your professional brand, post pictures and videos of your family members or pet in a separate personal Facebook profile, something which Lauren also maintains.

For more details, please watch the highlights video from my interview of Lauren (above).

Published on: Jun 13, 2017
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