Last year I wrote about several interesting trends that emerged with the publication of fourth quarter Cybersecurity 500, a quarterly report containing a global compilation of the 500 leading companies providing cybersecurity solutions and services. Today, with the publication of the new Q1 2017 list by research firm Cybersecurity Ventures, I thought that I would share some interesting trends that the report tells us about where cybersecurity companies are flourishing - some of the information may be surprising for some readers. Contrary to the assumptions made by many, for example, there is far more cybersecurity-business activity going on outside of Silicon Valley and the Washington, DC corridor than within those areas. Here are 8 interesting geographic observations:

The number of successful overseas cybersecurity companies is growing.
Silicon Valley, Washington, DC, and the Northeast dominate in the USA.
Cybersecurity is not only a northern business.

Cybersecurity firms are not limited to the coasts. 21 companies are based in the Rocky Mountain region, with 12 of those being headquartered in Colorado -- including the number one firm on the list, root9B. 22 companies are based in the Midwest, and 22 are based in Texas, including Digital Defense, a long-standing top-25 member of the list.

Canada has presence.
Israel is second in the world behind the United States.
Europe is a significant player, with the UK dominating in Europe.
Asia-Pacific is growing rapidly.

Emerging from these figures are two significant observations about geographic trends: