Facts alone rarely influence behavior.

Would you be surprised that many journalists who sound like they are promoting health are actually promoting the opposite?

Do you notice anything in common in these headlines?

The all treat exercise as special, implying that if you do it, something special will happen.

What happened to exercise being a normal part of life? Not even exercise, just living a healthy lifestyle.

Normalizing inactivity

Saying exercise prevents decline normalizes being sedentary.

I prefer considering exercise normal and saying that its lack accelerates decline.

Anyone is free to define normal how they want, but I find my way leads me to live more healthily.

Thinking of exercise as normal and its absence contributing to depression, disease, and death motivates me to make exercise a normal part of my life. Maybe your motivations work differently.

Normalizing activity

Let's try those headlines again, normalizing exercise and making inactivity abnormal

  • How Inactivity Can Prematurely Age Muscles and Immune Systems

  • How Inactivity May Help Weaken the Memory

  • Inactivity May Diminish Learning

  • Inactivity Inhibits Brain Growth

  • What's the ultimate way to risk depression, disease and early death? Don't Exercise

  • Inactivity 'dulls the mind' in over-50s, study finds

  • Not cycling to work can keep cancer and heart disease rates high, says study

These headlines would motivate me more effectively. If you find the same, I recommend identifying the pattern and mentally translating their language.