Last year Gmail brought Smart Reply, which helped you reply to emails.

Today they announced Smart Compose, which promises to help draft entire emails, at their developer conference. You can read their blog announcement, SUBJECT: Write emails faster with Smart Compose in Gmail.

Product Manager Paul Lambert wrote that you can draft emails quickly and with confidence. Smart Compose offers sentences you can accept by hitting tab, as you would autocomplete words in a word processor by hitting return.

The suggestions appear in gray. You can type to write your own content.

Who knows, maybe he wrote his post using Smart Compose.

It's currently experimental, but users will begin seeing it under Settings > Try the new Gmail, then in the settings box's General tab, enable "Experimental Access."

What's next?

So far, I like my email writing technique, but once computers beat us at chess, most other things seem a matter of time.

Soon I'll be able to have complete conversations with people I don't know and who don't know me, only our digital assistants will communicate with each other.

My post-Terminator dark humor can't stop me from pondering that I only hope when they rise up and take over that they look at humans benignly and don't cause us to go extinct as we're doing with so many other species.