Ask someone at home about travel and they may think of the Eiffel Tower, but traveling is more like long lines at dirty, intrusive airports, traffic congestion, and wasted time. Plus your flying causes more pollution than nearly any other activity.

Why do you think business class exists? Because business travel would be unbearable without it.

Think of it: if you enjoyed getting in a cramped space for hours after waiting in line, being patted down, and contributing to your kids' worlds flooding and pollution, would you need the illusion of sitting still for so long being enjoyable?

The Best Leader in America

Is Alan Mulally, former CEO of Ford, whose stock price went up 18 times under his watch, a fair judge of good leadership?

How about Peter Drucker, the "founder of modern management"?

How about Marshall Goldsmith, named the #1 leadership thinker in the world in 2015?

If we can accept them as reasonable judges, they all name Frances Hesselbein--Presidential Medal of Freedom Honoree, advisor to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, former CEO of the Girl Scouts, and more--as the best leader in the country.

In Peter Drucker's words: "Frances Hesselbein could manage any company in America."

I had lunch with Frances last week. She told me how she doesn't fly any more, but she also said she gets more done.

Now, she has a medical reason. You might say, "Josh, she has a few years on us and can't fly. Doctor's orders."

She may have reasons, but she still doesn't travel and she still gets things done. I could say to you: because of those years she has, you wouldn't think she'd use the latest tools to get more done without traveling. But she does.

She talked about how her webinars allow people in more places, with fewer resources, access to her more than ever. She told me about how small organizations in Africa attend meetings with her they never could have before, at no cost.

She's with the times. Are you?

The details of how she works aren't the point, though. The point is her perspective. There are people she can serve. There are tools to serve them with. She can do it. So she does.

She didn't describe not traveling as deprivation. She described it as opportunity to serve more. The opportunity to serve without congestion, pollution, pat downs, delays, and all the things business class and all those apps are designed for you to forget how much of your dignity and time you're sacrificing.