Why are we here at Inc.com if not to be part of a community focused on improving ourselves, leading others, setting examples, and changing the world?

And what are we standing against, if not accepting the status quo and limitations others try to impose on us? What do entrepreneurs do except do what others thought impossible?

Watching the video below, from Great Big Story, I couldn't help think of how many people want to become more fit but accept physical limitations others get past. When I say fit, I don't just mean physically fit, but also fit in business, relationships, and mentally.

Watching the video, I couldn't help ask, "Can I challenge myself as much as he has? ... Can most people challenge themselves as much as he has?"

Many of us, faced with something we can't change, accept that we can't succeed as much as others and then don't try: "I can't beat Arnold Schwarzenegger so I won't try bodybuilding," or "I won't be as successful as Elon Musk so I won't start a company."

But if we measure not by absolute outcome but by reaching your potential, we all have the same opportunity. If we try. If being able means reaching your potential, not trying makes you less able.

This perspective leads you to ask, from that perspective about ability:

Are you as able as a man who is 'disabled'?

It leads to some very interesting thoughts, far beyond "mere" athletics.

First, at least for me, it led me to see him as accomplished not for overcoming an obstacle outside of his control but for being an athlete reaching the pinnacle of achievement.

Second, it leads you to question excuses you give yourself for not doing things, physical or otherwise. Absent people achieving like him, it's easy to accept limitations without context to measure them against.

Have you excused yourself from trying something for a physical limitation less severe than cerebral palsy? Or from putting everything you could into it since you couldn't get that far anyway?

I have. I bet most people have.

That puts us in the awkward position of making ourselves less able by our beliefs than a man whose body is disabled by cerebral palsy. What else are those beliefs holding us back from, in business, relationships, achievement, and so on?

You can change your beliefs. Can you achieve what he has?