Teams beat individuals in business, end of story. There are exceptions, but rarely, and you can tell when.

People and teams who learn beat ones who stagnate, end of story. If you want to excel as a leader, there are few better ways than to get your teammates to teach and learn from each other.

Instilling Peer Learning In Actions

This video shows a veteran teacher walking a group of first-graders through a process of how to help each other master a task.

Now matter how sophisticated you consider yourself and your teams, we're human and some of how we learn is the same for everyone. Active and interactive learning almost always beats passive reading. It helps to iterate, to get advice, to support, to listen, and so on.

The teacher, Ron Berger, Chief Program Officer, Expeditionary Learning Schools, is a veteran project-based teacher. He knows how to engage students.

Look at the final results: both the drawing and how much the students learned about teaching and learning from each other. Compare the final butterfly to the first. Compare what the students learned about peer-learning at the end to the beginning.

His skills apply to teams of all ages. What lessons can you pick out from his style? Does it matter that he's working with children? I suggest it makes it easier to learn from him.

Why I Won't Summarize What He Did

Most articles would summarize his technique for you. I won't, because that would make your learning passive, which doesn't work as well.

If you want to engage your teams like he did his, actively watch the video. Take notes on what worked and how you could apply what worked with your teams.

Then practice!