It's Monday. You're a job seeker who recently interviewed for a position you'd really like to get. But, you haven't heard back. Nothing. No emails or calls. Pure radio silence. Even worse, you've got a serious case of the Monday blues, making you feel anxious and desperate. You want answers. You're antsy to hear something. Anything. So, you decide to contact the recruiter that set the interview in hopes of getting a status update.

Unfortunately, guess who else might not be in the best mood?

Mondays are the WORST day to contact a recruiter. Here's why...

Coming off the weekend, recruiters are staring at a mountain of emails, a busy week of meetings, and the pressure of a long unfinished to-do list. And, just like you, the Monday blues are making it hard to get back into the swing of things. So, imagine how one might interpret an unsolicited email saying,

"I just wanted to check in because I haven't heard from you and wondered if I'm still in the running for the position?"

First, the text comes across like you are annoyed (which, let's face it, you are!). Second, it implies the employer has dropped the ball in some way. When in reality, it's their hiring process and they can run it any way they want. Add that to the recruiter's already less-than-stellar mood and you've just gotten "impatient" and maybe even "pushy" added to your candidate status.

That's why it's better to wait until Tuesday. Give the recruiter a chance to get back in the work groove with a better state of mind!

P.S. - Instead of pointing out the obvious, try adding value instead.

Now, when you do send the follow up email, be very careful with what you say. Don't mention the fact they've failed to contact you. Instead, identify some social currency you can send as a way to politely show you're still interested. For example,  I tell my clients to find a URL to an article or video that is relevant to the company's work and send it along ws follows:

Dear __,

I saw this article and thought of the great work ___ company is doing.


I really enjoyed chatting with you and the rest of the hiring team about this. Please don't hesitate to let me know if there is anything else I can provide to further my candidacy for the ___ role.

Thank you!

By offering up some content as a lead in to you checking on your candidacy, you're A) proving you're a proactive team player, and B) keeping yourself top-of-mind in the hiring process without seeming pushy!