Last night, I got to see the Foo Fighters at Fenway Park in Boston. The concert exceeded every expectation I could have set. Especially, when I witnessed the positive power of career success…

What Customer Commitment Truly Means…

For those of you that don’t follow the Foo Fighters, what made last night extra special is the lead singer, Dave Grohl and the band actually performed. A month earlier, just two songs into his first set, Grohl fell off stage during a concert in Sweden. He dislocated his ankle and broke his leg. Determined to not let fans down, 46-year old Grohl actually got back on stage and sang while a medic held his ankle in place so he could finish the set and not let his fans down. Then, he was off to his orthopedic surgeon in hopes the damage wasn’t too bad.

Meet Dr. Lew – The Man Who Saved The Day

Grohl’s doctor is top-notch in his field. And, like Grohl, Dr. Lew (you can see more about him here), is clearly passionate about serving his customers. Thus, with some serious surgical skill and six pins in Grohl’s leg later, the doctor made it possible for Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters to fulfill one of their dreams and play for two nights to a sold-out Fenway Stadium just a few weeks later. Sitting on a custom-made throne the roadcrew designed for Grohl, he showed his gratitude by performing his heart out. And then, the Foo Fighters repaid Dr. Lew in one of the most amazing ways I have ever seen…

How Career Success Creates Mind-blowing Opportunities

It turns out, Dr. Lew is a rock singer trapped in a surgeon’s body. Last night, Grohl and his band mates gave the surgeon the chance of a lifetime: to sing to 30,000+ people in one of the most beautiful venues you can imagine. You can watch Dr. Lew in action by clicking here. Dr. Lew DID NOT DISAPPOINT. He gave his all on stage and the audience clearly loved being a part of his moment in the spotlight.

3 Things We Can All Learn from the Foo Fighters & Dr. Lew

As I left the concert, the career coach in me was reminded we can learn from this story in three ways:

1) When you work hard, love what you do, serve others, stay humble, and never give up, amazing things can happen. Opportunities are created when you make a sincere effort to use your talents as best you can. You never know when they’ll arise, but they definitely won’t materialize if you don’t try.

2) Nobody succeeds alone. Without other talented, successful people in your life, you will not be able to achieve your dreams and reach the levels of success you are striving for. Thank those that make it possible for you to do what you do.

3) Become the best at what you do and you will find your tribe. The mutual respect Grohl and Dr. Lew displayed for each other was inspiring. You could tell they have bonded in a special way. Who doesn’t want relationships like that in their lifetime? Career success can help you find your tribe – the people who have put in the same effort as you to make it. They get you, and you get them. Which gives you the energy and motivation to keep going.

If You Aren’t Like the Foo Fighters & Dr. Lew, Consider This…

For anyone reading this who hasn’t found their purpose, I encourage you to get help and get started – in my experience, it’s never too late. If you watch the videos above, you’ll see the meaningful ways career success can delight and surprise you.