Looking for a job isn't easy. Besides all the effort it takes, the bigger challenge for many people is how it tests their resilience. Rejection is painful. Knocking on an employer's door and trying to convince them you're the perfect candidate for the job can feel daunting, stressful, and even desperate. But, what if you could turn things around and have the employer reach out to you?

Recruiters Prefer To Hunt For Top Talent

Employers use recruiters to locate new hires. Recruiters are told to find the best candidate for the job. This is often a person who is not actively looking for work. They're known as a "passive" job seeker. They don't bother visiting job boards because they're happy enough in the job they're in. However, if a the right opportunity presents itself, they would consider it. Passive job seekers are the holy grail of recruiting. In the recruiting world, it takes skill to locate and reach out to top talent and convince them to leave their current job for a new one. Which means, if you want recruiters to come to you, you have to act more like a passive candidate.

Tip No. 1: Stay employed. It's unfortunate, but most employers are biased. They prefer to find candidates that are currently employed. Why? The hiring managers they recruit for prefer it. If you are employed, it proves a company finds your current skill sets of value. For those who aren't currently employed, take courses and volunteer so you can show you're being productive while in between positions.

Tip No. 2: Keyword optimize your online profiles. Recruiters use tools like LinkedIn to create customized searches so they can locate and review the profiles of potential candidates that have the skills required for the role. When you fill your profile with the right combination and frequency of skill sets, it increases the chances you will show up in a recruiter's search results.

Tip No. 3: Create and follow a 'bucket list' of employers. Recruiters love referrals. They encourage employees to recommend their friends and colleagues. When you identify a core group of 10-20 employers you'd like to work for, you should follow them on social media and use your network to seek introductions to people who work there. Why? Once connected, you will be more visible to recruiters. For example, if you connect with John Doe at XWZ Corp on LinkedIn and follow the company's profile on the platform too, a recruiter will see those connections if she or he reviews your profile. Just by showing an interest in the company and making friends with an employee, you can increase the chances the recruiter reaches out to you.

The 'New Rules' To Job Search = Work Smarter, Not Harder

The days of applying online and getting a call the next day are long gone. Job search has changed. The good news is, when done right, it can be far more rewarding and less stressful. Learning to attract employers is the key.