When recruiters get together, they sometimes play a game of, "who can top that," where they try to outdo each other crazy candidate stories. In recruiting, we see it all. For example, there are 13 lies that are so common in interviews, it's hard for recruiters not to roll their eyes when the candidate says them.

I asked some of the seasoned recruiters I know to tell me the funniest lies they've heard from candidates. The following five stories take the prize for pure stupidity.

1. I got in a car accident with my BMW (but, I drive a truck).

"We had a candidate send a text with a photo of his car after he had an "accident" which is why he didn't show up to the interview. He had mentioned in a previous phone conversation that he drove a truck... picture was a BMW. Also, the photo he sent was the first result when you search Google for wrecked BMW. The final kicker? The photo was taken in INDIA. We emailed back with the visual of the search results and he never responded again." 

2. My daughter needs me... to help her kill her horse.

"I had a candidate not attend interview because her daughter's horse had to be out down, and she had to hold the head."

3. My cat is in a bad state of mind.

"We had a guy tell us (by text) that he couldn't attend an interview because his cat was suffering with paranoia. He subsequently vanished off the face of the earth."

4. It wasn't my fault I tested positive for drugs...

"Drug test was a necessary component of the job. We tested a guy Wednesday. Positive for Cocaine use.  Says he was hot boxed in a car the weekend before during a bachelor party."

5. My best sales quality? I lie to customers to win them over!

"When a sales candidate told me that he lies to prospects about having attended the prospects' college and being a part of their alumni association. Like, WTF - WHY?!! I had to school him on honesty and integrity - and why it's not a great idea. He thanked me."

Takeaway? Employers must invest in good recruiting.

Right now, lots of companies are struggling to find the talent they need to fill their open positions. It can be easy to get soft on your hiring practices. Unfortunately, the results will be poor hires and lots of time and money wasted. In a competitive talent market, the answer is to increase the sophistication and expertise of your recruiting efforts. Investing in seasoned recruiting pros can save your company money AND headaches. Unless of course you feel you need the comedic relief of dealing with candidates like the ones above!