In American baseball, nine players take the field and compete together to win the game. The best teams succeed because the players not only understand the strengths their fellow teammates bring to the game, they know how to leverage them. Each player excels in a particular area and uses it to help the team win.

When it comes to your own career success, there are also nine players (you plus eight colleagues) who can help you win. Want to achieve your career goals? Identify colleagues with the following eight professional strengths, and learn how to collaborate with them to increase each other's success:

1. Visionary--Sees how problems can be solved and articulates the solution in a way that enables others to execute the vision.

2. Optimizer--Looks at an existing process or system and immediately sees ways to streamline or improve it.

3. Super-Connector--Develops a huge, ever-growing professional network and uses it to help facilitate introductions that lead to people collaborating together.

4. Builder--Takes any blueprint or game plan and executes on it by being extremely resourceful and motivating those around them to be accountable.

5. Educator--Comfortable presenting and explaining; empowers others by closing their gap in knowledge.

6. Researcher--Dives deep, gathering all the facts, and then presents them in a way that ensures an informed decision can be made.

7. Warrior--Fearless and ready to roll up their sleeves to do whatever it takes to make a project a success.

8. Mentor--Helps individuals experience, learn, and grow by carefully guiding them toward opportunities to become more professionally mature.

Can you see how having a peer with each of the strengths above can help you succeed in your career?

But which ones are you?

While we all can exemplify traits related to each persona above, most of us will gravitate toward two or three top strengths. To determine which strengths are your most powerful, take  the Career Decoder quiz.

From there, you can figure out which areas you don't excel in and start to identify and nurture relationships with colleagues who have different strengths from your own. 

Now what?

If you really want to take your career to the next level, consider getting your entire team involved.  Team Decoding is one of the most effective ways to strengthen the bond among co-workers. It will not only help you get on the same page as your teammates, it could also help increase the mutual trust and respect needed to achieve your team goals.