In a recent article on Quartz, a writer made the case for why he thinks nobody should ever have the word, "strategy" in their job title.

While I can see his point that the word is over-rated, the bigger issue in my mind is how much longer and crazier job titles are getting in general.

Today, Job Search Is All About Getting Found

As consumers, we use sophisticated platforms (i.e. Google) that offer the ability to search for what we want by putting in a bunch of relevant keywords. The same thing is happening in the field of recruiting. When employers need a particular skill set for a job opening, they don't search just by job title. Instead, they search by the key skill sets the candidate needs to be proficient in. Companies like LinkedIn have already rolled out the next generation in recruiting where recruiters can search their 414 million members based on skills sets as a way to find the right candidates.

Keywords In Job Title = Get Found Faster

As a result of this new method to getting found online, savvy professionals who want to be contacted about new, better job opportunities have learned to leverage the power of keywords by putting them in their job titles. The concept is simple: pick the five or six skill sets you possess that are in high-demand and put them in your job title. That way, when a recruiter searches for one or more of those skills, you rise to the top of the list. 

Don't believe me? Here's proof. I put the keywords, "rabbit wrangler" in a LinkedIn search and sure enough, I got someone with that job title. 

Having Trouble Coming Up With A Good Job Title? Try This...

For those of you that wish your job title would get you more views on LinkedIn, you can always use the Stupid Job Title Generator. Created by Google developer, Sam Dutton, you simply type in your name and out comes a variety of keyword-stuffed job titles. I tried it, and it provided quite the collection of long, crazy job titles meant to impress and confuse anyone who reads them. 

Sadly, I don't expect to see this trend change anytime soon. We live in a digital world where our online brand matters and keywords dominate. My guess is the job titles will only be getting longer.

What do you think? I'd love to read your thoughts in the comments below.