Today, we all want a job that's a joy to go to. It makes sense. We spend an average of a third of our days (or more!) at work. Where, when, how, and for whom we work all play factors in what a good job looks like. Moreover, each of us must define our own unique set of criteria we need met to label it our "dream job." But do you know how to manifest those desires into an actual job offer? 

The G.L.O.W. Method for career growth

In my first book, I introduced the four-step methodology I use to help people create career satisfaction on their own terms. The G.L.O.W. Method teaches you a simple process you can use throughout your career to drive professional growth. 

  • Gain perspective = Force yourself to look at your situation from a new point of view.
  • Luminate the goal = Dial in tightly on a specific result you want to achieve.
  • Own your actions = Map out the specific habits you'll need to succeed.
  • Work it daily = Set up systems to build those habits consistently.

Let's look at how that fourth step can help you land your dream job.

You need to start "crushing" daily on (multiple) employers

Finding your dream job starts with learning the right way to fall in love with employers. By developing a "crush," your desire and motivation to get a job with them will significantly increase. Taking 10 minutes a day to research your favorite employers online will help you stoke the flames of admiration for them. It will also give you the information you need to impress them when you finally get that job interview. So, how do you choose companies to fall in love with each day?

Your Interview Bucket List is a must-have

As a career growth coach, one of the most effective skills I can teach clients is how to cultivate their Interview Bucket List. It's a list of employers they respect, admire, and, most important, would love to interview with. The process involves them doing a deeper mental dive into why they like a company and how they've come to appreciate it. This mental mapping of their personal connection to certain companies is vital to enabling them to confidently reach out to people who work at these companies so they can build the connections needed to get referred to hiring managers.

Additionally, in my experience, generating excitement toward an employer will help you write a better cover letter and customized connection requests. That enthusiasm is important. Employers want to feel it. Think about it: You want them to pay you thousands of dollars. It seems reasonable they would need you to show them you truly understand what they're about. Standing out means showcasing how you already feel part of their tribe. Otherwise, you're just like the thousands of other applicants who blindly applied.

P.S. Landing your dream job has some added benefits

By targeting a group of employers you want to work for, you'll find it easier to learn what it takes to get hired by them. This is why I get love letters every day from clients who have landed their dream jobs. It wasn't luck. They applied the Work It Daily principles to get hired. The best part? They feel a sense of control over their career growth because they chose the employer. Once you learn how to do this, you realize the incredible opportunity and power you have over building a career that suits your unique needs.